World Cup 2010 Final Countdown: Which Spanish player has the best shot to goals ratio? counts down to the final...
For the last ten days UK will be counting down to the World Cup 2010 final on July 11 with a range of statistics relevant to the number of days remaining in the tournament.

Yesterday it was all about the number two, but we're finally down to just the final 24 hours.

  1. Carles Puyol is the toast of Spain at the moment after his semi-final winner against Germany, and he's almost certainly the sharpest shooter - having scored with his first ever World Cup shot on target. That's one in one.
  2. Iraq's Samir Shaker Mahmoud holds a less than enviable record after getting the longest World Cup ban for spitting at the referee against Belgium in 1986 - one whole year.
  3. Spain may be happier about Sunday's clash at the lofty Johannesburg - at 1,753 metres above sea level - as three of their games have been at altitude this summer. Only one of the Netherlands' matches has been.
  4. World Cup semi-finals are tight affairs, exemplified by the fact that the only semi-final won by more than a one-goal margin since 1986 was Italy's 2-0 win over Germany, in 2006 and that was after extra time.

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