World Cup 2010 Final Countdown: Who is the only team to have won the World Cup outside their home continent? counts down to the final...
Until the end of World Cup 2010, UK will be counting down to the final on July 11 with a range of statistics relevant to the number of days remaining in the tournament.

Yesterday it was all about the number three, but, with just two days remaining, UK is focussing on the No.2 as we edge ever closer to the final of South Africa 2010.

  1. If Spain win in Johannesburg on Sunday they will be the first European side to win outside of their home continent. The only team in World Cup history to have done that is Brazil who triumphed twice away from home - in Sweden in 1958 and the USA in 1994.
  2. The Dutch will disagree but Hungary are often lauded with the first display of 'total football' on the world stage when they stole the show in 1954, scoring a record 2.72 goals per game. They didn't win, however, losing out to West Germany in the final.
  3. Italy and Brazil are the only teams who have reclaimed the World Cup after winning it four years previously, setting a record for consecutive titles at two: Italy in 1934 and 1938, Brazil in 1958 and 1962.
  4. The Netherlands and West Germany won't be pleased to know they hold the record for the most number of consecutive World Cup final defeats of two: Holland in 1974 and 1978, West Germany in 1982 and 1986.
  5. Sandor Kocsis isn't a household name but perhaps he should be, having scored a record two hat-tricks in one World Cup - in 1954. The other names to have done the same are more well known: France's Just Fontaine in 1958 and Gerd Mueller for West Germany in 1970.
  6. Think Italia 90 was entertaining? Well it wasn't. Only 2.21 goals were scored per match, a World Cup low.
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