Neymar: I will not leave Santos because of hard tackles

The Brazilian sensation is not thinking about a transfer and pointed out that the game's greatest players are also targets of hard challenges from opposing defenders
Santos star Neymar has guaranteed that he is not thinking about leaving the club due to the excessive physical playing style in South America.

The teenage sensation has become a constant target for opposing defenders over the years, with the 20-year-old saying that the Copa Libertadores match against Juan Aurich "looked more like Ultimate Fighting Championship than football".

Jorge Fucile has advised Neymar to learn how to deal with such challenges, and the Brazil international says that a move away from Santos is not an option right now.

"Fouls are made everywhere," he told reporters. "Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo also suffer them.

"In order to stop them, you have to make a foul. But it is not just me: Sao Paulo's Lucas has also been suffering a lot in the league.

"I do not think about leaving Brazil only because of this."

Neymar has always indicated that he will not further his career abroad before 2014, when his Santos contract expires.