Anzhi close to identifying supporter who threw banana towards Samba

Lokomotiv Moscow initially denied that one of their fans was responsible for the incident, but the clubs have since gained substantial video footage of the culprit

Anzhi Makhachkala have revealed they are close to identifying the Lokomotiv Moscow supporter responsible for throwing a banana towards form Blackburn defender Chris Samba in a clash between the two sides on Sunday.

The 27-year-old described how he was “very upset” following the incident, with a joint statement from both clubs confirming that while they have substantial video footage of the culprit, they have as of yet been unable to identify him.

"Thanks to video records we know who the provocateur is and also all his movements at the stadium before, during and after the match," the statement wrote.

"The central committee of Russian football union is currently working on it and when they find him, I hope we shall know his motives," Anzhi spokesman Aleksandr Udaltsov told

"We saw him on the cameras but we don't know who he actually is," he added. "Let's wait and see what the committee says."

Udaltsov also revealed he had not heard anything to substantiate rumours that Lokomotiv want Samba himself to be punished for throwing the banana back into the crowd but said it may be something that the committee are investigating.

The clubs say that they themselves should not be punished as such "provocateurs" are not actual fans and they cannot be held to account for their actions.

"The actions of individual provocateurs should not be viewed as racist actions of fans and cannot serve as a basis for disciplining the clubs participating in the match," the statement continued.

The joint press release comes after what Lokomotiv representatives initially denied that the incident took place at all and then accused an Anzhi fan of being guilty of the act, which was quickly denied by the club.

"The goal of both sides is to find and present the public with one particular jerk, whose action has caused people not to talk about the football, or the quality of the game but about another scandal," they added.