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Governing body wants clubs to balance books at end of season

Uefa has released a statement to make it clear that financial fair play rules do not necessarily prevent clubs from making big money signings as long as they balance their books at the end of the season.

Earlier reports from England suggested that Uefa were unhappy with Chelsea and Liverpool's spending sprees in the January transfer window.

"Uefa is aware of the recent transfer activity across Europe. It must be noted, however, that the financial fair play rules do not prevent clubs from spending money on transfers themselves but rather require them to balance their books at the end of the season. It is therefore difficult to comment on any individual situation without knowing the long-term strategy of each club," a statement on the official Uefa website reads.

"There is no doubt that transfers made now will impact on the break-even results of the financial years ending 2012 and 2013 – the first financial years to be assessed under the break-even rule. The clubs know the rules and also know that Uefa is fully committed to implementing them with rigour. For example, as from this summer all payments due on transfers and to employees will be assessed by the Club Financial Control Panel (CFC Panel) as part of the "enhanced overdue payables" rule.

"Uefa has full confidence that the clubs are increasingly aware of the nature of the financial fair play rules, which aim to encourage clubs to balance their incomes and expenses over a period of time covering four-six transfer windows.

"In this regard, and during the implementation of the financial fair play rules, Uefa will continue to work together with clubs in order to help them achieve this most important and commonly shared objective."

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