Rangers director brands Scottish FA plans 'ridiculous' and 'an abomination'

The communications chief of the Ibrox club has stated that new proposals on a restructuring of the Scottish leagues compromises sporting integrity and is "sheer hypocrisy"
Rangers communications director James Traynor has branded new plans to restructure the Scottish league system as "ridiculous" and "an abomination".

An agreement was reached in a meeting at Hampden Park on Tuesday that the current structure of four leagues would be decreased to three leagues of 12, 12 and 18 teams, with Traynor criticising the sporting integrity of the decision.

"The sheer hypocrisy of what is happening within Hampden's corridors of power right now will be lost on them [Celtic fans], but let's not pretend sporting intregrity or the wishes of supporters really are important to all those clubs pushing for this change," Traynor said in a statement on the club website.

"If they were listening to fans they wouldn't be sticking with a top division of 12, and if there was any integrity there would be no rush to bring in changes for the start of next season.

"If, as seems likely, the structure is altered for 2013-14 supporters won't get what they've already paid for, especially those following teams striving for promotion. Actually this entire season will be rendered meaningless.

"Sporting integrity won't merely be compromised, it'll be crushed but this is what happens when desperation slips in and throttles reason."

Rangers currently sit top of the Scottish third division with 46 points from their opening 19 games so far this season, 17 points ahead of nearest challengers Queen's Park as they chase automatic promotion.