Southgate: I rejected FA role due to lack of experience

The former England international claims that he felt that he didn't have enough familiarity at managerial levels to take on a senior role with the governing body
Former Middlesbrough manager Gareth Southgate has revealed why he opted not to take on one of the most distinguished roles in the FA and has decided to re-enter the the world of club-level management.

The former defender was poised to fill the highly esteemed title of FA technical director but turned it down. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Southgate has revealed why he made the unexpected decision.

“Firstly, it should be somebody more experienced in coaching.

“When Howard Wilkinson had the job, no-one could argue. He had won the league title with Leeds and he had great credibility.

“I didn’t feel that at my age – 42 – and with only three years managerial experience at Middlesbrough that I had that standing.

“I didn’t want to commit to something that was going to be for three or four years when I didn’t feel the FA control youth development. The Premier League do.

“I don’t think that is ideal. The Technical Director would be seen as being ­accountable for players coming through with no influence over that process. I had an issue with that.

“I am somebody that likes to take their time over ­important decisions. I like to weigh up all the facts.

“As I did that, I saw more reasons not to take it than to take it. But don’t mis-understand me – the 18 months I had with the FA was a great education.

“I saw how the game was run at the highest level and was given a great insight into coaching.”