QPR captain Derry 'gobsmacked' by FA decision not to overturn red card

The midfielder was dismissed for pushing over Ashley Young in last weekend’s 2-0 defeat to Manchester United, with the 34-year-old disappointed the wideman was not flagged offside
Shaun Derry has spoken of his "bemusement" at being sent off for QPR against Manchester United after his appeal for the red card to be overturned was rejected.

With current captain Joey Barton left out, Shaun Derry lead the Hoops onto the field at Old Trafford in his absence but lasted only 14 minutes after appearing to bring down Ashley Young in the penalty box.

But replays have shown that the winger was offside and Derry feels that he was hard done by, not only by the original judgement, but also because of the FA's decision to uphold the punishment.

"As soon as I went down [the tunnel] I saw our IT man, and he had a look of amazement on his face, but then to see how far offside Ashley Young was, I just felt it could have been stopped earlier by the officials decision," he told the club's official radio phone-in show.

"In the dressing room I just started laughing because I couldn't believe what had happened."

Derry has been left angered by the decision and in disbelief that the disciplinary panel did not overturn his red card.

He added: "I thought it was going to be a foregone conclusion that it would be overturned and I would be available for [the Swansea game]. Everyone thought the FA would put it to bed that way.

"I lined up in the training session to play, then I got a call from our assistant manager Mark Bowen who said it had been turned down and I was absolutely gobsmacked.

"The e-mail we got back from the FA was one line telling me my appeal had not been successful.

"That's as far as it went - there was no explanation as to why it was not overturned, or even any indication of why I got sent off in the first place. The whole scenario is quite bizarre really.

"I don't know what they do at the FA, but it's not working.

"It has been a daze from the start of the week. I was in shock for a couple of days, and obviously with the win last night it’s getting better as the week is progressing.

"In the past I've fallen foul of a lot of referees. Perhaps I’m mellowing out as I get older but I was very angry. Single highlight of my career, leading a team out at Old Trafford was one of the highlights of my career so it was one."

When asked how he felt when he saw the red card, he said: "I think it was little bit of bemusement, shock, a bit of everything, a lot of anger in there.

"Obviously, when you see the red card it’s time to get off the bench. When I was in the box with Young I felt a coming together but I never felt in any danger of giving the foul away or as it transpired to get the red card. It was the shock of the red card.

"It was the single highlight of my career to lead a Premier League side out at Old Trafford - perhaps the pinnacle of my career. So I was bitterly disappointed to say the least. It is a tough pill to swallow."