Poll: Is Wenger the man to take Arsenal forward?

The Gunners were hammered 6-0 by Chelsea after Kieran Gibbs was incorrectly sent off in the first half but these thrashings have been too regular - is it time the Frenchman left?

Arsene Wenger is poised to sign a new deal but after his side were thrashed against Chelsea - the third heavy defeat against a title rival this season - can he really be considered as the man to take Arsenal forward?

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James Goldman: As each year goes by without a trophy it becomes harder and harder to champion Wenger as the man most capable of taking this undoubtedly talented group of players to the next level. I’ll say yes for now, but come back and ask me the same question at the end of the season and I might have a different answer.

Sam Lyon: If Arsenal's aim - as it should be - is to recapture the Premier League title and to challenge forcibly again in the Champions League, I have to conclude that he isn't in my opinion, for two reasons; one, his recent record in the transfer market leaves a lot to be desired, and with Arsenal boasting sizeable funds to spend this summer I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering if Wenger would be the best man to take charge of that. Secondly, from the training ground to the pitch, Wenger is too often out-thought and out-witted by his rivals. Right now, I think Arsenal could do better than Wenger.

Greg Stobart: Yes for now. Wenger finally has big money available to make Arsenal genuine contenders and he has shown with the signing of Mesut Ozil and January’s pursuit of  Julian Draxler that he is prepared to spend it. If he can sign a couple of top quality players in the summer - most obviously an A-list striker - then Arsenal can win the title next season.

Wayne Veysey: I would like to say 'yes' but I'm not totally convinced that he is. From what I hear, he has been more ruthless with his players this season and less indulgent of their failings but there is compelling evidence that Wenger's powers are on the wane. You look at a young manager like Brendan Rodgers and it reminds you what Wenger used to be like. Dynamic, ahead of the game and in total control of his destiny. Can Wenger lead the way again? I'm not sure he can.


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