Poll of the Day: Will David Beckham's MLS franchise be successful?

The former England captain has activated a clause in his old LA Galaxy which enables him to start up a brand new football club, but will he find success in a tricky market?

David Beckham is set to start up an MLS franchise in Miami, but will it be a success?

Miami has already seen one franchise - the Fusion - fail after three years of low attendances between 1998 and 2001, and there are no guarantees things will be much better this time around.

After all, the famous New York Cosmos have failed to relaunch on several occasions in the past 20 years, and the latest attempt, started in 2010, has only seen them secure a place in the second tier of north American soccer.

Manchester City and baseball's New York Yankees are also helping to launch a successful MLS franchise, with New York City FC announced earlier this year and set to take part in the league from 2015.

Beckham may have won over the fans in the United States during his time with the LA Galaxy, but will his $25 million (£15.5m) venture get off the ground on the other side of the country?


Will Beckham's pulling power help launch a successful MLS franchise? Or will tough competition and a lack of interest scupper the plan from the outset?
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