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Faster than Walcott: Who is the new Arsenal speed king?

Faster than Walcott: Who is the new Arsenal speed king?

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The forward beat club legend Thierry Henry's 40m sprint record following his move from Southampton in 2009, but his own record has now been broken

Theo Walcott has is no longer the fastest player at Arsenal, with youngster Hector Bellerin having broken his long-standing 40m sprint record.

Walcott recorded a time of 4.42 seconds in 2009 following his move from Southampton, beating Thierry Henry's previous record of 4.82 seconds.

But he has now revealed that 19-year-old Bellerin has usurped him as the Gunners' sprint king, though he maintains that he would still be able to defeat Henry in a straight sprint.

Asked who would win in a race between himself and the club legend at an Arsenal fans' Q&A, Walcott said: “Me! Thierry is in his 30s now so I would be very disappointed if I didn’t beat him. I beat his sprint record which Hector [Bellerin] has now broken.”

Bellerin made one apperance for the Gunners in the Capital One Cup victory over West Brom last season and spent a spell on loan at Watford.

The right-back joined the club from Barcelona in 2011 and impressed during the Emirates Cup in pre-season.

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