Fifa accuses Zambian FA of sneaking match-fixing offenders in outside of transfer window

The world football governing body has opened disciplinary proceedings against the African nation over eight illegal imported athletes
Fifa has accused the Zambian Football Association of sneaking players suspended for match-fixing into the country outside of the transfer window.

The world football governing body is charging the African nation with bringing as many as eight players into the  country illegally.

In a statement on its website on Saturday, Fifa said: "On 19 February 2013, Fifa opened disciplinary proceedings against the Football Association of Zambia for having allegedly transferred and registered eight players in breach of the Fifa regulations governing the transfer of players.

"It appears that eight players were transferred from the Finland Football Association to the Football Association of Zambia outside of the Fifa Transfer Matching System (TMS), without an International Transfer Certificate (ITC), and outside of the registration period.

"In addition, the players were all suspended by the Finland Football Association for match-fixing offences and these sanctions were extended as to have worldwide effect by the chairman of the Fifa Disciplinary Committee.

"At least four of the eight players apparently played in official matches in Zambia despite being suspended on a worldwide basis.

"The Football Association of Zambia is invited to provide its position to Fifa, together with any documentary evidence it might deem appropriate."