Besiktas deny Quaresma allegations

The club's vice-president has claims that revelations about the midfielder are incorrrect and were only spoken about to appease reporters asking intrusive questions
Besiktas vice-president Tamer Kiran has moved to deny claims that were made against winger Ricardo Quaresma by board member Ahmet Nur Cebi.

The Portugal international was reported to have showed his genitals to a female employee of the club and urinated on the club's kitman, leading to a disagreement with the club regarding wages, but Kiran has explained that these revelations have been blown out of proportion.

"We have a contract with Quaresma and we should protect him," he told the club's website.

"Some television channels have tried to turn the rumour mill and benefit from the situation between the club and Quaresma."

The 29-year-old had been in contract negotiations with the club throughout the summer and media reports have suggested that there have been a number of disagreements between the two.

Kiran, though, explained that Nur Cebi only told reporters that these incidents had taken place to stop them from asking questions.

He added: "They asked some horrific questions to our vice-president Ahmet Nur Cebi. He couldn't refuse them and gave those answers just to get rid of them.

"These reports saddened our board and Quaresma. This club will protect it's values."