Every coach has been called 'stupid' before, claims Brazil's Menezes

The beleaguered Selecao boss has called for the public to maintain realism in the lead-up to the World Cup on home soil
Brazil coach Mano Menezes has defended the latest showings of his men on the back of the London Olympics debacle, and played down expectations after coming under a recent spate of criticism from fans.

The 50-year-old insists miracles cannot continuously be expected of the team, particularly given the short length of time available to blend his selected squad together for the international fixtures.

"This situation is obviously uncomfortable," Menezes lamented to Globoesporte. "There is no such thing as a coach who has not been called stupid before.

"Familiarity with players is much greater at a club, where proximity allows you to go further in situations. On the other hand, there is no co-existence in the 60 or 90 days between one or two international games.

"Obviously, in the run-up to a World Cup on home soil, expectation is that we finish world champions, but we must live with that."

Menezes will be under even closer scrutiny, should the Selecao lose to Alberto Zaccheroni's high-flying Japan on Tuesday.