Uruguayan Football Association's reaction to Jim Boyce's Luis Suarez comments in full

The Liverpool striker's international association have issued a response after the governing body's vice president claimed that the striker's diving was a 'cancer' in the game
The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) has come to know the comments made by Fifa vice president, Mr. Jim Boyce, to the English newspaper The Sun.

Those comments refer to the Uruguayan football player, Mr Luis Suarez, and they classify his conduct as "cheating behaviour" and the situation caused by it as a "cancer" to football.

We understand this kind of comments, coming from a person who holds a Fifa vice president position, making specific reference to a football player and linking his behaviour to an affliction that represents a calamity to mankind, are in the antipodes of what the principles that should guide us in world football are supposed to be.

These comments made by this person are inadmissible and unacceptable for the AUF.

The Article 3 in Fifa's Code of Ethics clearly states: "Officials should be conscious of the importance of their role and the obligations and responsibilities that it implies."

Deliberately disregarding his role and his position, Mr Boyce has specifically referred to a football player encouraging and provoking hostility towards him, even more so if we consider the media to which those comments were made.

As a consequence of what we have expressed above, the Executive Council of the AUF would like to make you aware of the following decisions we have taken:

1. To withdraw our trust in Mr. Jim Boyce as a Fifa vice president.
2. To ask that Mr. Boyce's conduct is subjected to consideration by FIFA's Ethics Committee.
3. To communicate to the CONMEBOL Executive Committee in order for them to become aware of this situation and take the decisions they deem pertinent.
4. To express the great solidarity of every football executive in Uruguay towards Mr. Luis Suarez.
5. To stay alert in the future in order to understand the effects and the impact that Mr. Boyce's comments will have in the future during the matches in which the player is involved, for both the national team of Uruguay or his club.
6. To make this letter public and to have it published by the AUF official website.

Without any further comments, we send you our best regards,

Dr. Sebastian Bauza

Dr. Anibal de Olivera
General Secretary