Neymar: I must keep adapting to tighter marking

Teams are now setting themselves up with the sole intention of nullifying the threat posed by the 20-year-old forward, and he knows that he must accept that fact
Neymar has admitted that he is finding it increasingly difficult to find time and space for himself on the field, but remains confident that he will always retain his ability to conjure something out of nothing.

The Santos starlet is just 20 but is already regarded as one of the most exciting young talents in the game. For that very reason, he is drawing as much attention on the field as off it.

Neymar is now being specifically targeted by opposition defenders and accepts that the onus is on him to continue coming up with new ways of losing his markers.

"We all go through moments of difficulty in life and it's the same in football," the Brazil international told CT Rei Pele.

"It's a cycle; and the ball is round. One day, fine; the next, bad. The difficulty is natural, and it helps me to grow.

"It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to play; everyone knows my potential. I have to find a new way of evading the defenders, because it is difficult.

"When you're in a game, you must always try to do the same things as always, but also with something else, something impromptu."

Neymar, who has already been capped 18 times by the Selecao, has been included in his country's squad for this summer's Olympics in London.