Ganso could end up in Spanish Second Division, claims ex-mentor Giovanni

The former player brought Ganso to Vila Belmiro as a teenager, and believes that his attitude and the influence of DIS could have grave consequences in the future
Ex-Barcelona and Santos forward Giovanni has revealed his concerns over the development of former protege Ganso, claiming that the business interests surrounding the No. 10 could end up harming his future career.

The 40 year old, who represented the Brazilian club in three separate spells, discovered Ganso in the pair's home state of Para back in 2005, and was responsible for bringing the youngster to the club where he is now one of the biggest stars on the team. The relationship between the two soured due to financial wrangling, however, and Giovanni saw himself removed from the player's inner circle.

Speaking on Monday, the ex-Brazil international blasted the 22-year-old's approach to the game, and argued that the influence of management group DIS could lead to his potential being wasted.

"I fear for his future. Because of his attitude, and the attitude of those who manage him," Giovanni fired in an interview with Globoesporte.

"He could end up playing in a team in Spain's Segunda Division."

The rift between mentor and protege began with an argument over his playing rights. Giovanni maintained that he was entitled to 7.5 per cent of the contract, while Ganso's family argued that this share was only valid as a part of the 10% held by the player himself. Despite the dispute, he was adamant that he would never go to court in order to chase what he believes was rightfully his.

"My family did not educate me to do that, they taught me ethics and values. If someone tells me something, even more so if they are a friend, I do not need a contract to prove it," he explained.

Giovanni is remembered fondly by the Santos faithful, and is nicknamed 'Messiah' for his goalscoring exploits and commitment to the club.