Brazil legend Socrates released from hospital

The 57-year-old has recovered sufficiently from gastrointestinal bleeding, and has been given the all clear after spending just over a week at a Sao Paulo medical facility

Former Brazil midfielder Socrates has been discharged from hospital this morning after an eight-day treatment period.

The 57-year-old was originally admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo last Friday after he was discovered to have gastrointestinal bleeding, but underwent a radiology procedure and was revealed to be in a stable condition earlier this week.

According to Brazil, Socrates left the medical facility this morning after a week of physical therapy. The ex-Corinthians standout assured his well-wishers that he had sufficiently recovered from his condition and even humorously stated his intention to flex his political muscles.

“I am fine, even when I go out and meet the hot sun out there,” Socrates joked to reporters upon his release.

“I am well and want to launch a new campaign, the campaign for direct elections to be president of the CBF [Brazil Football Confederation].”

Socrates captained Brazil during the 1982 World Cup in Spain, and won 60 caps and scored 22 goals throughout his international career.