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Toffees midfielder expresses his desire to play for a unified team at next year's games in London, but Welsh legend Neville Southall says the idea would skew a nation's identity

Everton and England Under-21 midfielder Jack Rodwell says he would be keen to be part of in Great Britain’s football side in next year’s Olympics in London.

There have been varied levels of discussion about the possibility of a unified team for the games, with arguements against the decision being based on a blurred national identity.

However, 20-year-old Rodwell believes it would be an honour to play at such a level and has no doubts over his own participation.

“I would definitely like to be involved,” he told Everton TV. “You always want to test yourself at a high level and I would be proud to represent Great Britain.

“It is effectively a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved in something like that and the chance to win an Olympic medal would be amazing.”

Welshman and former Toffees goalkeeper Neville Southall meanwhile, does not share Rodwell’s spirit for the idea of a GB team.

“I don't see the point,” said Southall. “You will just lose the identity of all the teams. The whole point of going to the Olympics is that special moment when your flag goes up.

“What flag are they going to put up if they win it? The Union Jack? It's not my flag. My flag's a dragon.

“As a Welshman I'd rather play for Wales if I was in the Olympics. I would want to go and represent my country.”

The shot-stopper, who won a record 92 caps for his country, also believes club managers would also be against such an idea.

He added “If I've got a player who is worth £10 million, why would I want somebody kicking lumps out of him at the Olympics?”

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