USA totally committed to their 2018 World Cup bid

Americans now the only non-Europeans left in the bidding...
The United States remain completely committed to their bid to host the 2018 World Cup, according to David Downs - the executive director of their bid committee.

The North American nation is now the only non-European country left in the bidding process aspiring to host the biggest tournament in world football, as Australia and Japan recently withdrew in order to concentrate on the 2022 edition of the tournament.

The chairman has admitted that the country stands a better shot of hosting the competition in 2022 than 2018, but maintains that this will not deter them from hoping to compete with the European countries currently involved in the bidding.

"Well, we certainly heard the analysis in the press that Europe has a big leg-up to hosting 2018, and I think from day one we've always thought that our chance to host might be better in 2022 than in 2018," Downs told Press Association Sport.

"But we went into the process competing for both.

"We're certainly ready to host either if we're fortunate enough and honestly, at this point, no-one has offered us a compelling enough reason to drop out of the running for 2018 for us to do that.

"If at some point down the road something comes about that requires us to rethink our position, I guess we're certainly flexible.

"But, at this point, I think it is probably even of benefit to FIFA that we're in the bidding and it is not a European-only bidding process.

"In a matter of fact, I think FIFA wanted to move away from the rotation policy.

"For now, we're comfortable where we are and we're always re-evaluating our position, but I wouldn't expect any dramatic news from us on that story in the very near future."

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