Sir Alex Ferguson: Manchester United will come back and win the Premier League next season

United boss was most frustrated with European Cup exit last year
Sir Alex Ferguson is confident that Manchester United will reign supreme next season in the Premier League and ‘bring the title back where it belongs’.

The Manchester United manager was disappointed that Chelsea ended his side’s bid to win a record fourth consecutive league title last year.

However, Ferguson believes that United will return to the top of the Premier League next season.

"Next season we will go again and bring the title back to the best place in the world - we'll come back next year, that's exactly what Manchester United do,” Ferguson told Inside United.

Ferguson believes that United loss at Chelsea in November was the result that turned the Premier League title race.

Despite losing a close battle to Chelsea for the league title, Ferguson believes that their elimination at the hands of Bayern Munich in the Champions Legaue quarter-final was his team’s biggest disappointment.

"The decision down at Stamford Bridge was a bad one for us and perhaps swung the whole title race around, but we applaud because we know how hard it is to win a title.

"You have to accept it, sometimes you get the breaks, sometimes you don't.

“I look at the European Cup as our biggest disappointment - we should have been in the final, we were the better team."

Although Ferguson is disappointed that his team were unable to achieve their two major goals of the season, the United boss was pleased with the way his players developed last year.

"In the market today it is difficult and the structure of our squad is good in terms of ages, the balance the numbers and there are a lot of good young players.

"Sometimes you have to trust in all the development.

“I think we have worked hard over the years in bringing in young players and developing them very well...and I'm going to stick with that or most of it."

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