VIDEO: Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho cries on Marco Materazzi's shoulder after Champions League final

The Special One shows his human side...
One of the hottest videos doing the rounds today maybe a little old, but it's not every day that footage comes out of a truly tender moment in the world of football.

For all the pomp, self-publicity and general commotion that usually surrounds Jose Mourinho, Italian TV companies caught an inside glance into the sweet and sensitive side of the Special One after the Champions League final.

The footage, filmed outside the Bernabeu after Inter's 2-0 defeat of Bayern Munich, starts with Mourinho seen entering his chauffeur-driven car as he prepares to leave the ground after his side's historic achievement. After rolling a foot down the road Mourinho's car then stops, at which point the Special One gets out the car, walks back up the road, where he finds defender Marco Materazzi standing alone on the pavement.

The pair then begin to embrace, with Mourinho particularly choked up in the moment. After an intense hug, the two separate, and a bawling Mourinho heads back to his vehicle.

Footage of Jose Mourinho crying on Materazzi's shoulder can be seen below: