Michel Platini hints at Champions League spot for FA Cup winners

Domestic trophy success could be further recognised...
UEFA president Michel Platini has revealed that the FA Cup winners may in future be admitted to the Champions League.

The winners of England's cup competition currently go into the Europa League as of right, but many observers have speculated that handing a Champions League spot to the winners would serve as an effective means of rejuventating interest in one of the game's oldest cup competitions.

Nevertheless, altering the continent's biggest competition in such a way would not be easy.

"It's difficult to change the tournament because it's a great success," Platini told Fox Sports.

"The access list is something we can think about for the future and I am always feeling and thinking that the winners of the cup perhaps they have to participate in this competition.

"They are champions as they have won a trophy and this is the Champions League.

"But it's complicated and very difficult."

Platini first launched a proposal that would see domestic cup winners take their country's final spot in the Champions League two years ago.

He dropped the plans in favour of other initiatives which allowed more Champions League group stages places to teams from smaller countries.

Meanwhile, Platini also welcomed the news that the International FA Board had extended the trial period for extra officials behind the goallines for another two years.

The system was used in last season's Europa League competition and Platini feels it is a much better system than the use of technology.

"The eyes of one referee can never cover all the field of the game," he added.

"In American Football you have five or six referees, in tennis you have 12 and the court is small. Let's play with human people and cover all the part of the field and I will show you that's better for the referee and you don't need technology."

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