Manchester United legend Denis Law feels sorry for Dimitar Berbatov

One striker can sympathise with another's plight...
Manchester United icon Denis Law has revealed that he feels a certain sympathy for Dimitar Berbatov after another season in which the Bulgarian failed to win the affections of the Old Trafford faithful.

Berbatov joined United from Tottenham Hotspur in 2008 for £30.75 million but has struggled to live up to that price tag in the eyes of supporters.

He has netted just 26 goals in the two seasons he has spent at Old Trafford and Law admits he feels for the player.

"I don't want to knock him. He hasn't come up to the standard he set at Spurs, but when he was there he looked an extremely good player," the Scot told The Manchester Evening News.

"He's always had that laid-back style, even when he was at Tottenham, and that's what the fans admired him for but now he gets criticised for it."

Law added that he hoped that Berbatov would not turn out to be as big a failure at Old Trafford as Juan Sebatsien Veron, a player who joined United for £28m from Lazio in 1999 and spent just two underwhelming years at United.

"He looked an excellent player with Argentina and in Italy, but when he came to United he didn't do it," Law added.

"He was a commanding player, yet when he came to United he wasn't."

Despite having a widely criticised season, Berbatov is only eighth in the list of strikers in the Premier League, according to the Castrol Rankings. The Bulgarian comes in at No.65.

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