Joe Hart backs Manchester United's Ben Foster to be a hit at Birmingham City

Young Citizen thinks Red Devil will do a fine job at St Andrew's...
Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart believes Ben Foster will fit in well at Birmingham City next season.

Foster is reportedly set to complete a £6 million move to St Andrew's shortly - and Hart, who has just enjoyed a fine season on loan with the Blues, is sure that Foster has all the ability required to have a similarly positive impact.

"I think Ben will do it easily (follow me). He is a fantastic keeper," Hart told reporters.

"Ben has had some harsh criticism at Manchester United this season but, if he does turn out to be the Birmingham keeper next season, he will do a good job."

Hart had wanted to stay another season in the West Midlands but injury to Shay Given means that City will need him next term.

Although saddened by the fact he must leave the Blues, Hart accepts the demands that football can make on players.

"I just waited for my orders, and my orders were that I went back," he added.

"I am contracted to Manchester City so that's where I will be.

"I will admit, it's sad. But it was out of my hands. If I could have stayed at Birmingham, I would, but it wasn't down to me.

"I didn't really want to leave but I was told that I have to. It's just the way football is."

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