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Cottager's allocation of 12,650 sold out in just four hours...

Fulham have asked UEFA for more tickets for their Europa League final against Atletico Madrid on May 12th.

Tickets went on sale last Friday at 7am, 12 hours after the Cottagers beat Hamburg to book their place in the final.

The club were allocated 12,650 tickets, which sold out in just four hours.

Fulham have 10,000 season ticket holders, with each limited to an allocation of four tickets.

Fan groups say this has meant other fans missing out.

"We are lobbying for more tickets, fans should register with us," Fulham's communications director Sarah Brookes told BBC Sport.

Fulham supporter's club spokesman John Aitken, who failed to get a ticket, was fiercely critical of the club's policy.

He said: "It is always a constant battle, we have been in the Premier League for 10 years and got to a European final, we are established, but the club are acting like we are still in the old third division.

"They took about £1 million in a morning, surely the computer system should have told them that they needed to hold some back for other season ticket holders?"

However Brookes said the club's hand was forced when it came to selling tickets for the match.

"We had a limited window to sell off our tickets and if we didn't manage to sell them all then the club would have taken a million-pound financial hit," she said.

"We apologise, of course we apologise if anyone has missed out, but this really is an unprecedented level of demand - we have never sold out an away ticket allocation so quickly."

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