Stoke City forward Dave Kitson: Tony Pulis is unfairly blaming me for everything

It's my fault even when it gets cloudy, says cynical striker
Stoke City striker Dave Kitson has lashed out at manager Tony Pulis following the latter's recent comments questioning the attitude shown by the player.

The hitman was taken off during the 7-0 loss to Chelsea, which provoked an adverse reaction from the club's record signing. The manager consequently gave Tuncay and Kitson a public dressing down using the media as an outlet, and now the former Reading player has reacted in a similar fashion.

"How can you attack a player in the media when you've spoken to that player and said 'In future, come and see me one-on-one'?" Kitson asked, according to The Sun.

"And now it's like I'm responsible for everything.

"'Cloudy in Stoke? That's Kitson's fault.' 'The traffic's terrible on the way to training? Blame Kitson for that too'."

The manager had implied that Tuncay and Kitson were "living in a bubble", and the latter added: "I worked stacking shelves in a supermarket for five years before becoming a footballer - I can do real life.

 "What Tony said wasn't right, wasn't fair and in my opinion was just a smokescreen to deflect attention from other things that have happened recently."

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