Valencia goalkeeper Cesar Sanchez blasts match officials & UEFA after Atletico Madrid controversy

Failure to award penalty leaves veteran 'keeper raging...
Valencia goalkeeper Cesar Sanchez has launched a vitriolic tirade on UEFA and match officials after his side exited the Europa League in controversial circumstances against Atletico Madrid.

The second leg at the Vicente Calderon finished scoreless allowing Atleti to progress on away goals but los Che were furious that referee Florian Meyer failed to award a clear penalty when Juanito hauled Nikola Zigic to the ground, ripping the Serbs shirt in the process.

"It's unbelievable. It is a very clear penalty, I could see from my area so there is no way the referees could not see it right next to it. You don't even need to see the torn shirt [of Zigic], it's crystal clear," he declared, as quoted by AS.

"In the first half there was another hand ball, but we can accept that but the penalty for Zigic is very clear. I do not understand referees, they fall short. They [UEFA] want to make this a big competition, in the style of the Champions League but these referees do not live up to that [standard].

"I'm going to look into their pockets in case they've taken something from me. Last year we were robbed in the knockouts and the same thing today. Next year I will not bring my watch in case it is stolen too.

A seething Cesar also questioned the value of UEFA's experiment of having goal line officials and said that none of the officials had the courage to call the penalty.

"This is an invention. Three referees and they see what they want to see. If there is a penalty they should call the penalty and if not then no penalty. The referees must have been out in the cold for some days because they do nothing," he blasted.

"I'm sure they've seen it, but you have to have some neck to blow for a penalty against the home team in the 86th minute. Just like I have to have the courage to go out for a 50-50 ball, but that's the crap you get from UEFA, they have these guys [officials] to do their work."

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