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Financial 'fair play' remains Frenchman's priority...

Michel Platini has revealed that he will be standing for re-election as president of UEFA.

The former French international playmaker is expected to be unopposed when he stands at the election in Paris at the UEFA Congress next year.

"I am a happy man, a happy president and happy to work with you," he told delegates at the UEFA Congress in Tel Aviv on Thursday.

"There is more work to do in the future so I am happy to announce to you that I am a candidate for re-election to the presidency of UEFA."

Platini also confirmed that his ideas about 'financial fair play' in the European game remain a priority. The Frenchman hopes eventually to bring about a situation where clubs in European competition can only spend what they earn.

"I told you that it was vital for football and the future of our clubs that they should respect clear rules on the management of their finances," he added.

"I told you, word for word, that in this area we will act because it is a question of ethics, a question of credibility and even a question of survival for our sport. I can tell you today that we have acted.

"All the families of football, without exception, have approved our concept and the principles of financial fair play. Principles that are supported and encouraged by the institutions of the European Union.

"A UEFA Club Financial Control Panel has been set up, involving some of the top European experts on these issues.

"It is now established that, from the 2012-13 season, clubs participating in European competitions will have to follow a simple but demanding rule: they will not be allowed to spend more than they earn."

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