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Ligue 1

  • 5 May 2013
  • • 20:00
  • • Parc des Princes, Paris
  • Referee: A. Castro
  • • Attendance: 44948

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 4'
    Yellow Card Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • 90' + 3'
    FULL-TIME: Paris Saint-Germain 1-1 Valenciennes. Until next week, when they face Olympique Lyonnais. What a game this was, and what a game that'll be!
  • 90' + 2'
    Jallet, the header in towards Ibrahimovic, and it's a fantastic catch by Penneteau, who has clutched at that. Free-kick Valenciennes after a collision with Matuidi.
  • 90' + 2'
    Pastore clatters into Carlos Sanchez, and the Parisian side have a free-kick here. They couldn't, could they?
  • 90' + 1'
    DOSSEVI! Great save by Douchez, and the visitors are on the offensive here again, but Aboubakar cannot beat Sakho.
  • 90' + 1'
    Into the first of THREE minutes at the end of the second half.
  • 89'
    JALLET! On the overlap, as he attempts to find Gameiro, and Penneteau with the save away. ONE GOAL, is all they need to surely wrap up the Ligue 1 title. Dramatic stuff.
  • 88'
    Valenciennes are playing as if they can win this. End-to-end stuff here, as Aboubakar attempts to find Nguette, but the through ball is too heavy.
  • 87'
    Lavezzi's cross is deep as the pressure continues. In towards Ibrahimovic, who attempts to find Gameiro, but Lala has cleared the ball well.
  • 86'
    Ducourtioux with a good tackle on Lavezzi, and Valenciennes have broken through Aboubakar, he dribbles past Alex and Sakho, but the shot is over the bar. Disappointing.
  • 85'
    A grandstand finish in prospect here at the Parc des Princes. One more goal, and the Ligue 1 title is surely won.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionGaël Danic Mathieu Dossevi
  • 84'
    Firecrackers going off all over the place, and the wind is firmly is in PSG's sails, as Pastore fires in a cross which Penneteau grabs. Danic, meanwhile, has been substituted by Mathieu Dossevi.
  • 83'
    Assist Ezequiel Lavezzi
  • 83'
    Goal Alex
    GOAL! PSG 1-1 VALENCIENNES! ALEX! He's equalised! They've been a danger from set-pieces, and they've finally taken one! Corner delivered in, and it's Alex who heads again, into the roof of the net. Game on.
  • 82'
    PSG still pushing for an equaliser, as the referee pauses play after seeing something go wrong in the box. Sakho and Sanchez at it, but PSG have the corner.
  • 81'
    Penneteau again at it! Superb cross as VAFC are held at the back after a lapse in concentration. Lavezzi's cross superbly taken by the goalkeeper. He's been terrific.
  • 80'
    Ibrahimovic's almost in as he faces a one on one against Penneteau, who has claimed possession of the ball.
  • 79'
    Valenciennes holding on here superbly, as Maxwell delivers in yet another decent across, hurried away by Kenny Lala, who has been a rock this evening.
  • 78'
    Statistic: That is Gameiro's first booking in Ligue 1 whilst playing for PSG. He's been there almost 18 months!!
  • 77'
    Yellow Card Kevin Gameiro
  • 77'
    SubstitutionMaor Melikson Opa Nguette
  • 77'
    Corner from Jallet poor, and is the originating point for yet another Valenciennes' counter. They've really pulled off this move tonight. Danic breaks, held off by Gameiro, who earns a yellow.
  • 76'
    SUBSTITUTION: Maor Melikson, the Israeli winger who has enjoyed a superb evening, off for Opa Nguette, a striker.
  • 75'
    ALEX! Another spell of pressure from the hosts. Fantastic delivery, headed powerfully by the defender, and it's a wonderful save from the goalkeeper, who is having a STORMER.
  • 74'
    PASTORE! Great burst down the right, wonderfully set up by Alex. His shot in towards the box saved by Penneteau, behind for a corner. Ninth corner for les Parisiens.
  • 73'
    All getting a bit touchy here in the capital, as PSG are struggling against the face of Valenciennes' counter attack. Melikson with the shot, blocked by Sakho who is limping. PSG down to ten, and they've used all their subs.
  • 72'
    IBRAHIMOVIC! Fantastic movement by the Sweden international, and his shot is fired just narrowly wide of the goal. Absolutely their best chance of the game, and he's kicked an advertising board in anger!
  • 71'
    Melikson breezes past Christophe Jallet, and held down by the right-back. Free-kick won by the Israeli, and it's in a decent position. Headed away by Sakho, and cleared by Pastore.
  • 70'
    Oh, groans and jeers for Pastore there. Poor football, as he attempts to find Maxwell with one too many tricks and flicks. Valenciennes clean up easily at the back.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionClément Chantôme Kevin Gameiro
  • 69'
    ALEX! Headed just wide. Corner for the Parisiens, in behind Sanchez as Alex rises highest, but he's pinged the ball comfortably wide of Penneteau's right post.
  • 68'
    SubstitutionGregory van der Wiel Christophe Jallet
  • 68'
    Pastore with a poor pass towards Chantome, as the ball hurriedly flies out for a goal-kick. That's the end of his night. Warm applause, but he's been replaced by Kevin Gameiro.
  • 68'
    SUBSTITUTION: Firstly, Christophe Jallet is on for Gregory van der Wiel.
  • 67'
    Danic skips past Sakho, but the ball's just gone out - inches in that. Meanwhile, PSG readying a double sub as Carlo Ancelotti attempts to shake things up.
  • 66'
    LALA! Good shout, out of the blue, and it's forced Douchez into a smart stop here. Great effort from the defender, who was in a really advanced position. Melikson's ball in from the corner is poor.
  • 64'
    SubstitutionRemi Gomis David Ducourtioux
  • 64'
    Ducourtioux brings the ball forward, in the three man midfield comprising of Sankhare and Sanchez also. They're just gently knocking the ball around with such ease.
  • 63'
    SUBSTITUTION - Valenciennes: David Ducourtioux on for the visitors, in a first change for them.
  • 62'
    SANCHEZ! Oh that's all wrong. Another fantastic break from the visitors, with Sankhare finding Carlos Sanchez in such space on the edge of the area. Instead, he's dragged it well wide.
  • 61'
    Jeers again from the midfield as Sankhare produces a clean tackle on Matuidi inside the box, they're calling for a penalty but they're on a break here.
  • 60'
    On the hour mark, and if you've just joined us - it's PSG 0-1 Valenciennes. The hosts could've wrapped up the title if not mathematically, with a win, but it's all gone wrong with Thiago Silva also sent off.
  • 59'
    DANIC! Wow, almost 2-0 from Valenciennes there. Danic on the counter, and a sumptuous cross on the ball towards Sankhare, and off Douchez, who parries behind for a corner.
  • 57'
    Chantome delivers a fine cross across the face of goal , but there was no PSG player in the box! Absolutely frustrating, as Valenciennes defend in numbers.
  • 56'
    Ibrahimovic, who has been non-existent in this second half so far, attempts to drive through the midfield, unsuccessfully. Sankhare brings it away.
  • 55'
    Lavezzi attempts to chase the loose ball played forward, but he's unable to keep the ball in play. Getting a little touchy here at the Parc des Princes.
  • 54'
    Well, how about that. The face of Clement Chantome says it all. The final ball off Gael Danic supposed to be a corner, and the ref's given a goal-kick. Ancelotti close to tearing his hair out!
  • 53'
    Yellow Card Kenny Lala
  • 53'
    Kenny Lala becomes the second PSG player in the book following Gaetan Bong minutes ago. A harsh decision, but PSG have the free-kick, delivered in deep by Maxwell towards Alex.
  • 51'
    Yellow Card G. Bong
  • 51'
    Van der Wiel's delivery in towards Pastore is wayward, and PSG are unable to penetrate a solid Valenciennes defence at the minute. They're resolute at the minute.
  • 50'
    Just before the resumption of the second half, referee Alexandre Castro was harrassed by local TV crews coming out from the tunnel. Safe to say, that this will rumble on for a long time.
  • 49'
    And it's crashed into the well, as Valenciennes counter once more through Sankhare. It's into the path of Remi Gomis, who does well to win the corner of Alex.
  • 48'
    Ibrahimovic, into Lavezzi, who is hacked down by Lindsay Rose as Salvatore Sirigu watches on from the stands. Free-kick 25 metres out, Ibrahimovic territory.
  • 47'
    Well, well, well. Former PSG captain Mamadou Sakho was handed the armband following Thiago Silva's red card, but Matuidi now wearing the armband following the beginning of the second half.
  • 46'
    UNDERWAY IN THE SECOND HALF! PSG get us started, attacking from left to right. Immediately, they've got a corner kick, but it's nestled straight into Penneteau's arms.
  • Well, what do you make of that? Do you agree with the referee's red card shown to Thiago Silva? Can PSG recover to seal the French title, or will Valenciennes truly put the cat amongst the pigeons? Tweet me @mohammedali_93.
  • HALF-TIME: An utterly shocking end to the half here in Paris. Valenciennes hellbent on delaying the Parisian party, and they've ended the half with a goal and a man up. Thiago Silva sent off for what I believe appears to be manhandling the referee. Can PSG recover and take command?
  • 45' + 2'
    HALF-TIME: PSG 0-1 Valenciennes - AND LISTEN TO THE JEERS! Oh my word, half the playing staff remonstrate with the referee who maintains that he was pushed by Thiago Silva.
  • 45' + 1'
    SUBSTITUTION: Jeremy Menez off for Alex - Ancelotti makes a change, as he requires another centre-half, and NOT four attacking players.
  • 45' + 1'
    In first half stoppage time, and there'll be one minute of it.
  • 45'
    SubstitutionJérémy Menez Alex
  • 45'
    The fans are absolutely jeering the decision. The whole ground responds in anger as Thiago Silva hands out the armband to Sakho. Boos all around.
  • 44'
    Ancelotti shakes his hands in anger. What has the referee done there? Pastore on the ground, and Thiago Silva approached the referee to speak as captain, and he's just sent him off. What has gone wrong?!
  • 43'
    Red Card Thiago Silva
  • 43'
    RED CARD - THIAGO SILVA! Well, my word. My, my word. What's going wrong here? He's stopped the referee and took a bit of his shirt. Is it something he's said? The fans are jeering. Unbelievable scenes.
  • 42'
    Yellow Card Clément Chantôme
  • 42'
    Clement Chantome booked for a late challenge, as the boos continue. Melikson with a good ball in, cleared by Thiago Silva, but the hosts continue despite Pastore on the crowd.
  • 40'
    Jeremy Menez wins a corner off Kenny Lala, who has a decent first half so far. Headed away by Rose, but Van der Wiel delivers it back to Lavezzi, but his cross-cum-shot is comfortable for Penneteau.
  • 39'
    Jeers and boos from the home crowd as Ibrahimovic and Pastore combine, but they're not on the same wavelength at all, as Ibrahimovic fails to return the favour. Disappointing.
  • 38'
    THIAGO SILVA! Superb header, graceful in his jump, but he's diverted the ball just wide of the goal. Decent delivery too as Penneteau watches on. Seven minutes left in this first half.
  • 37'
    Only two men have won the title at Paris Saint-Germain as manager. Gerard Houllier in 1986 and Artur Jorge in 1994. At the moment, PSG can't win the title this weekend. They d have a corner though.
  • 35'
    Yellow Card Jérémy Menez
  • 34'
    Jeers for Jeremy Menez after that little episode, as Sakho tussles with Aboubakar over a loose ball. The former PSG captain wins that challenge, as Ancelotti waves his arms in frustration.
  • 33'
    Chantome with a superb pass towards Menez, who expertly controls the ball. The winger picks it up, attempts a dribble and is easily beaten by Kenny Lala, who he then trips up. A yellow card instead.
  • 32'
    Matuidi with a deep cross in after being teed up by Lavezzi. Daniel Sanchez furious at his side's willingness to give up possession of the ball. Meanwhile, the former Napoli star is whistled offside.
  • 31'
    Corner to Valenciennes, delivered well by Danic, in deep towards Benjamin Brou Angoua, and he's headed it wide. PSG break, through Menez, and it's a corner for them.
  • 30'
    Free-kick in a decent position. Taken by Ibrahimovic, in the absence of David Beckham, and he's fired it wide.
  • 28'
    THIAGO SILVA! Great chance for the hosts, as the Brazilian defender fires just wide of the post. Close! All originated from van der Wiel's delivery.
  • 26'
    SANKHARE! Headed just over the bar. Fantastic delivery from the right, an inswinging cross is met powerfully towards the midfielder, and he heads just over the bar.
  • 25'
    Yellow Card Gregory van der Wiel
  • 25'
    Almost 2-0 there for Valenciennes, who are really making a go of this. Great spell of pressure as the free-kick is helped on by Rose, and Matuidi is forced to clear hurriedly.
  • 24'
    YELLOW CARD - Gregory van der Wiel becomes the first player cautioned tonight with a poor challenge on Maor Melikson, the Israel international. Free-kick to the visitors, 40 metres out.
  • 23'
    Great statistic from Opta - Valenciennes' GK Nicolas Penneteau, who was doubtful before tonight's game, plays in his 129th consecutive Ligue 1 encounter, more than any other player currently playing in the division.
  • 21'
    Pastore with another fine ball, this time towards Ibrahimovic. He produces a heel-chop, but doesn't have the space to evade his marker. Taken away by Rose, who hoofs the ball away.
  • 20'
    PASTORE! Oh dear, how has he not scored that?! Superb through ball down the middle, into the Argentine, and he shoots straight at the on-rushing Penneteau who blocks the ball away.
  • 19'
    MAXWELL! Great effort, and into the side netting. Brilliant effort from the Brazilian, who cuts in on his right before unleashing a fantastic shot which just beats Penneteau.
  • 18'
    And the Parc des Princes has fallen silent. How about that? Superb goal from the visitors, well taken by Danic - cool and calm to slot the ball under. PSG have not conceded since Saint-Etienne in mid-March in Ligue 1 before tonight.
  • 17'
    Goal Gaël Danic
    GOAL! PSG 0-1 VALENCIENNES! GAEL DANIC! What a shock, and it's the visitor who have taken the lead. It has been coming, with their poor defensive opening. Aboubakar's shot within space, parried by Douchez, and turned in by Danic.
  • 16'
    It's a good counter attack from VAFC, who break through Sankhare, he links with Lala, but the cross in is easily intercepted by Thiago Silva.
  • 15'
    PASTORE! Good effort, and great save. Pastore dribbles past Angoua and unleashes a powerful shot goalwards. It's a delightful save from Penneteau who tips it over the bar. Corner, and it's wasted.
  • 14'
    PSG waste the free-kick afforded to them following Menez's foul. PSG require a win tonight to all but seal the title, remember. They face Olympique Lyonnais (3rd) next weekend at Stade Gerland.
  • 13'
    IBRAHIMOVIC! Well it's Valenciennes' turn to crumble at the back. Long ball from the defence, as Ibrahimovic easily beats the defender, and as he is one on one with Penneteau, he attempts the outrageous karate kick towards Lavezzi, but unable to find his strike partner.
  • 12'
    Slack defending once again from the hosts, who are very lucky not to have been caught out at the back yet. Danic and Melikson roaming forward once more, but Aboubakar unable to beat Thiago Silva there.
  • 11'
    OUCH! Lethargic? Now it's just lazy. Sakho doesn't even check back and attempts a back pass towards Douchez. He doesn't notice Danic running back, who attempts to intercept the pass and instead, clatters into the poor goalkeeper.
  • 10'
    All a little too lethargic from the Parisian side at the minute, as Ibrahimovic somewhat lazily picks up a pass towards Menez, as it flies out of play. Very poor.
  • 8'
    Pastore and Van der Wiel aim to combine in an advanced position. Deft pass from the Argentine, but off Lindsay Rose, as he fails to find the Netherlands international.
  • 7'
    Carlo Ancelotti watches on pensively with that famous eyebrow of his. Earlier this afternoon, French media reported that he's told his players he will remain at the club this summer. Watch this space! Meanwhile, on the pitch, Pastore's shot is blocked.
  • 6'
    Valenciennes have certainly started brightly here in the capital, but they've been unable to test Nicholas Douchez in the PSG goal yet. Ibrahimovic loses out to Angoua, who starts from the back yet again.
  • 4'
    Rather subdued start from PSG, with Chantome dispossessing Vincent Aboubakar in front of the PSG penalty box. Lavezzi brings it away, but it's one step too far as Kenny Lala reclaims possession.
  • 3'
    Lavezzi is dispossessed as Carlos Sanchez brings the ball out of the defence. Helped on by Danic, and his tame shot is easily picked off by Douchez. Feeble, to say the least. Should've done better.
  • 2'
    Matuidi reprimanded for a challenge on Remi Gomis, who has felt that tough challenge. Free-kick taken by Danic, and it JUST evades the far post. Helped on by Rose, and it's whistled past.
  • 1'
    UNDERWAY! Somewhat five minutes late, but nevertheless it's Valenciennes that get us started here, attacking from left to right. But they've immediately given the ball away!
  • First of all, a minute's applause. 21 years ago today, the Furiani disaster occurred. 18 people died at Bastia's Furiani stadium during a Coupe de France tie against Marseille, with 2,300 injured after a temporary stand collapsed.
  • The teams are out, as PSG's anthem blares out at the Parc des Princes. Great evening for football, at the end of a warm day in Paris. Can the hosts all but wrap up the title?
  • VALENCIENNES: Penneteau - Lala, Angoua, Rose, Bong - Sanchez, Gomis, Sankharé - Melikson, Danic, Aboubakar
  • PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN: Douchez - van der Wiel, Thiago Silva, Sakho, Maxwell - Matuidi, Chantôme, Ménez, Pastore - Lavezzi, Ibrahimovic.
  • So, to re-iterate. PSG cannot win the title this evening, but they'll be without four players. Salvatore Sirigu, Marco Verratti (two games) and David Beckham (one game) are suspended following events in last week's clash v Evian. Sirigu's ban stems from not collecting a red card at full-time! Nicholas Douchez is to start in goal tonight. So, without further ado, the teams:
  • Daniel Sanchez's side meanwhile sit in midtable, but still not yet certain of their Ligue 1 survival. They have won just one of their last nine league games, and are without a win at the Parc des Princes in six years. But, they've kept a clean sheet in each of their last three games.
  • Anyway, they face a Valenciennes outfit whom they possess a very good record against. Earlier this season, Stade du Hainaut was the venue, December the month, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic struck his first hat-trick in French football in a scintillating 4-0 victory.
  • It'll take a spectacular collapse for PSG to lose the Ligue 1 title in the next three games, should they pick up the victory tonight. Marseille, who let's face it, have been punching far above their weight in terms of quality, have a meagre goal difference of 7. PSG's stand at 41. Anyone for a 35-goal swing and three straight defeats for the capital side?
  • So. Some bad news, PSG cannot "OFFICIALLY" be crowned Ligue 1 champions tonight. But the good news is, a win for Carlo Ancelotti's men will see them all but clinch a first title since 1994. Three points tonight will see les Parisiens nine clear of Olympique de Marseille, with just nine points available.
  • I'm Mohammed Ali, and I'll be guiding you through today's events for the next two hours. Don't forget to use Twitter to send us your predictions, musings and comments and tell me what you think throughout the 90 minutes - the handle is @mohammedali_93. Also, don't forget to interact with the MatchCentre, on the box to your right.
  • Good evening and welcome to's LIVE! text commentary from Ligue 1. Tonight sees hosts Paris Saint-Germain tackle mid-table Valenciennes - a game which could go some way to confirming PSG's ascent to the top of the French game. Team news shortly.