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WC Qualification Europe

  • 6 September 2013
  • • 19:30
  • • A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn
  • Referee: S. Boyko
  • • Attendance: 10210

Live Commentary

  • That's all we've got time for, as ten man Estonia hold out for a famous 2-2 draw with the Netherlands. I've been Simon Harrison, and I hope that you will join us again next time.
  • Ruutli's men were well organised and resilient, on another night Van Gaal's outfit would be leaving empty-handed. Piiroja's challenge in stoppage time was clumsy, but not necessarily a penalty, so a point will be considered an important gain for Oranje.
  • Estonia soak up the applause from their adoring home fans. I doubt that Vassiljev will ever have such a fantastic week in his life! Two goals against the Netherlands and the birth of his child, wonderful stuff for the midfielder.
  • Van Gaal's men are very lucky to have grabbed anything from that game, the Netherlands looked to be sunk, but for their last-gasp penalty. The Estonia players question the referee on his decision after the final whistle, but to no avail - of course. They leave with a point.
  • Full time! A famous point for Estonia! Two goals from Vassiljev have grabbed a shock result for the European minnows!
  • 90' + 8'
    Kuyt tries to get a penalty, going down under an innocuous challenge, but the referee books him for simulation!
  • 90' + 7'
    Yellow Card Dirk Kuyt
  • 90' + 7'
    PAREIKO! Robben goes on a marauding run to the byline, before cutting inside onto his right foot, but Pareiko races out to push the Dutchman's effort away from goal!
  • 90' + 6'
    SubstitutionHenrik Ojamaa Mikk Reintam
  • 90' + 6'
    Yellow Card Sergei Pareiko
  • 90' + 6'
    Time wasting is in full effect for Estonia, as substitutions and winding down the clock from goal kicks come into play. From such a solid position, it's bizarre that Ruutli's men are hanging on so desperately at the end.
  • 90' + 5'
    SNEIJDER! Great work from Robben to switch the play, finding Sneijder unmarked at the back post, but the Galatasaray man snatches at his strike and fires wide!
  • 90' + 4'
    Penalty Goal Robin van Persie
    GOOOAL! VAN PERSIE! He sends Pareiko the wrong way to bring his side level! Piiroja got his second yellow in giving away that spot-kick, and Estonia will look to hang on now!
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow Card Konstantin Vassiljev
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow/Red Raio Piiroja
  • 90' + 2'
    Yellow Card Aleksandr Dmitrijev
  • 90' + 2'
    PENALTY! The Netherlands have the opportunity to equalise in stoppage time from the spot, as Piiroja is penalised for a tug on Van Persie!
  • 90' + 2'
    Good work from Zenjov! The substitute sidesteps two challenges before playing the ball off Bruma for a corner. It's taken short, as Estonia look to run down the clock in the corner, but Dmitrijev commits a foul.
  • 90' + 1'
    Yellow Card Enar Jaager
  • 90' + 1'
    There are six minutes of added time, in light of the double treatment of both Pareiko and Piiroja in the second half. The home fans voice their disappointment, their side need to hold on here!
  • 90'
    ROBBEN! With lots of options in the box, the Bayern winger cuts onto his left foot, ignores the other options and tries a shot! It arrows out of play, going high and wide.
  • 89'
    Half chance for Zenjov! The substitute gets on the end of a corner delivery, but can only nod the ball high into the air and behind for a goalkick! Wasteful.
  • 88'
    VASSILJEV! He wants his hat-trick! The goalscorer sidesteps Schaars, before forcing Vorm into a reaction save at the near post! The home fans are really getting behind their team now, with the finish line in sight.
  • 87'
    Good interception from Bruma! The young centre half steps in to deny Zenjov, after great work from Vassiljev almost put the substitute through on goal. Willems carries the loose ball out of defence.
  • 86'
    Yellow Card Arjen Robben
  • 86'
    Robben looks to be receiving a yellow card for dissent, and the Bayern winger sends a volley of abuse in the direction of the linesman, after a goal-kick was awarded to Estonia. Things just haven't gone the Netherlands' way tonight.
  • 85'
    SubstitutionJoel Lindpere Gerd Kams
  • 85'
    With Estonia looking to get a little bit leggy in midfield, Ruutli is ringing the changes, putting on fresh players in positions which have been asked real physical questions. Not long now for the minnows to ride out.
  • 83'
    Great work from Vassiljev to bring his side upfield. Janmaat is outmuscled by the goalscorer, before the Feyenoord man is forced to put the ball out of play. Estonia continue to pour men forward when they can, this is by no means an out-and-out siege for the Netherlands.
  • 82'
    There should be plenty of stoppage time, thankfully for the away side, as two lengthy pauses in play occur for Pareiko and then Piiroja to get treatment. Van Gaal's men realistically have over ten minutes to find their equaliser.
  • 81'
    Great defending from Estonia! Jaager stands tall to block Sneijder's attempted cross, and now Piiroja is down injured! The heroic centre half looks to have cramp, understandable given the amount of work that both him and Klavan have been given this evening.
  • 80'
    A poor cross from Jaager causes all sorts of issues for the Netherlands defence, and Martins has to hack the ball away at the near post, with Vorm stranded!
  • 79'
    As the Dutch pour more men forward in search of their elusive equaliser, the Estonians are looking to exploit their opposition on the break. Zenjov and Ojamaa are willing runners, and that gives Van Gaal's man plenty to think about as they look to push on.
  • 78'
    Panic in the Oranje box! The loose ball is almost poked home by Zenjov, but a good block sends the ball spiralling into the air! Dmitrijev looks to put the ball back into the mix, but Vorm claims easily.
  • 77'
    It must be said, Ojamaa has been a real nuisance for Estonia tonight, he's been his side's only real outlet of the second half too. Bruma is forced into a nervy clearance under pressure from the right midfielder, and Estonia look to pile on the pressure.
  • 76'
    Half chance for Oranje! An overcooked cross from Robben. to look for the unmarked De Guzman at the back post. trickles out of play, and the Swansea midfielder races to get the loose ball and place it inside Pareiko's six yard box to allow play to continue quickly.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionJetro Willems Jonathan De Guzmán
  • 75'
    Van Gaal makes his last change, and the Netherlands have shown their hand. Good work from Ojamaa on the right yet again to beat Willems, but he can only direct his cross into Vorm's gloves.
  • 73'
    This will add a fair few minutes to stoppage time, but Pareiko is determined to continue, and looks extremely motivated to do so. Such raised levels of frustration and aggression in this game now, it's getting tasty.
  • 72'
    Yellow Card Raio Piiroja
  • 72'
    Yellow Card Bruno Martins Indi
  • 72'
    Pareiko is still infuriated by Martins attempted challenge, he's absolutely incensed. Despite the referee booking the Netherlands defender, he isn't content with the punishment. The 36-year-old is having his wrist heavily strapped up.
  • 71'
    Great ball from Kuyt to look for Van Persie, but no need for Martins to drive in to try and poke the ball over the line. That'll be at least a yellow for the youngster, that was very dangerously, despite poor handling from Pareiko.
  • 70'
    PAREIKO! The goalkeeper is forced into a smart stop to prevent a point blank header from finding its way across the line! Martins dives in horribly to try and force the ball over the line, but the referee blows up.
  • 69'
    ROBBEN! The Bayern man wriggles to the byline, but Vunk puts in a timely interception to knock the ball behind for a corner! The set piece is fruitless, Estonia clear yet again!
  • 68'
    Kuyt lifts the ball into the box, looking for the back post run of Strootman, but the Roma man clatters into Klavan and gives away a free kick. The frustration levels are rising for the Dutch, they can't find a way through Estonia.
  • 67'
    SubstitutionStefan de Vrij Jeffrey Bruma
  • 67'
    SubstitutionJeremain Lens Dirk Kuyt
  • 67'
    ZENJOV! The substitutes smashes an effort directly at Vorm's near post, the Dutch goalkeeper manages to beat the shot away, before smothering the loose ball as Vassiljev looked to follow up for his hat-trick!
  • 66'
    Good header from Klavan! The Augsburg man gets up well to head Lens' back post cross clear of danger, but it's automatically fired back into the penalty area. The ball rebounds out, and Sneijder hits it first time, but he balloons the ball over the bar!
  • 65'
    Schaars makes a timely interception! Sneijder is robbed of the ball by Vassiljev, but the defensive midfielder steps in to prevent Zenjov from racing away on the break.
  • 63'
    Van Gaal must surely be formulating another plan for his side, as their current system just isn't working. Schaars and Strootman have been relatively anonymous, while Lens hasn't had much joy against Jaager in the second half.
  • 62'
    Half an hour left on the clock, and the Netherlands look short on ideas. Van Persie and Robben continue to look lively, with Sneijder a constant danger from deep, but Estonia are standing firm. The more frustrated Robben gets, the more likely he is to run into trouble.
  • 61'
    SNEIJDER! The Dutchman has a weak effort at goal, but it bounces up awkwardly in front of Pareiko, who has to palm it behind for a corner. The resulting set piece is cleared easily by the hosts.
  • 60'
    VASSILJEV! The goalscorer tries an audacious, curling, long-range free-kick with Vorm off his line, and the Swansea man has to scamper back to cover his post. That was quite close, Vassiljev feels that he can do no wrong tonight!
  • 59'
    There is a feverish buzz in the stadium, the home crowd are in good voice and believe they can actually get the three points! They should believe too, Estonia have scored twice tonight, they've only managed three in their entire qualifying campaign before tonight.
  • 58'
    Well, nobody expected that! Two beautiful finishes from Vassiljev leave Oranje with it all to do in the remaining half an hour! The Netherlands get the ball in the back of the net quickly after the restart, but it's disallowed for a push by Lens.
  • 57'
    Assist Joel Lindpere
  • 57'
    Goal Konstantin Vassiljev
    GOOOOAL! WHAT A FINISH! ESTONIA LEAD 2-1! Vassiljev dinks the ball beautifully over Vorm to grab his second!
  • 56'
    SubstitutionHenri Anier Sergey Zenjov
  • 55'
    Van Persie and Robben combine well on the edge of the area, but Piiroja nips in ahead of the Bayern winger to clear the ball from danger! Netherlands just can't quite manage to find that yard of space to try their luck.
  • 53'
    Constant pressing and pressure from Estonia, they're not letting this young Netherlands defence settle on the ball whatsoever. Ojamaa is giving Willems a torrid test, harrying his marker at every given opportunity. The hosts are yet to tire too, they look capable of continuing.
  • 52'
    Good interception from Dmitrijev! The midfielder manages to get an important toe to the ball, as Lens looked to slide Van Persie in behind Estonia's lines. Netherlands just can't find that cutting pass to part Estonia's impregnable wall of defence.
  • 51'
    Klavan picks up a knock after a well-timed challenge on Van Persie, but I don't think the captain is going to come off. Even if he lost a limb, the Augsburg central defender would probably try to finish the game, this is the biggest one on Estonia's footballing calendar.
  • 50'
    Credit to Estonia, they are continuing to press excellently here, and Robin Van Persie isn't having this game his own way whatsoever. The combination of Piiroja and Klavan is keeping the Dutchman with his back to goal at all times.
  • 49'
    Vorm is forced into action from the lively Ojamaa, as the Swansea goalkeeper claims a cross angled for Lindpere at the back post. The hosts aren't prepared to sit back on the draw, they're committing men forward at every opportunity.
  • 48'
    STROOTMAN! The Roma man doesn't quite get enough power on his strike, after being laid off by Sneijder. Pareiko won't mind if he has to deal with shots like that for the rest of the game, that was tame at best.
  • 47'
    Estonia have the first chance of the second half, as Lindpere's ball from deep on the left forces Vorm to rush out from his line to smother the ball ahead of Ojamaa! The minnows are still motivated despite the brief half time break.
  • 46'
    And we're back underway! Van Persie urges his side to lift their game, they need a good second half display to break down Ruutli's resilient plans!
  • Schaars and Strootman haven't offered a great deal in terms of getting forward to support, and it's growing to be a little predictable when Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben get hold of the ball, they want to shift the ball onto their left feet as soon as possible.
  • An interesting second half awaits, the Netherlands have it all to do. Van Gaal is undoubtedly prepared to wield the managerial axe when it comes to making big decisions, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a re-shuffle for the second half.
  • Good performances so far for Pareiko and Piiroja in particular. Estonia's goalkeeper has kept his side in it, making two good saves early on. Just to mention Vassiljev's equaliser once more, you really have to try and see it. Brilliant individual goal.
  • Robben started the game off in some style, curling a wonderful left-footed effort past 36-year-old Pareiko, before resilient defending from Estonia allowed them the chance to get back into proceedings. An excellent, disciplined first half for the home side, Ruutli will be pleased.
  • HALF TIME! What a half for the hosts! A fantastic Vassiljev equaliser lights up a very interesting 45 minutes of football for Estonia, as Robben looks to be the Netherlands only real threat.
  • 44'
    All Netherlands can do is continue in the same vein, you would presume that Estonia can't keep up this intensity of pressing for the entire game. Still no luck for the visitors.
  • 43'
    Good interception from Jaager! The right-back slides in to prevent a cross-field pass from Van Persie finding the feet of Lens. Oranje are really being frustrated here, Estonia have kept world class players subdued.
  • 42'
    Poor from Sneijder! The veteran looks a little frustrated as he makes his way back into position, as a poor touch allows for Dmitrijev to put the Dutchman under enough pressure to fire wide of the target.
  • 40'
    Lovely control from Van Persie! The lone striker takes the ball down effortlessly under pressure in the penalty area, but as he pivots to strike at goal, an inch-perfect sliding challenge from Piiroja denies him.
  • 39'
    Van Persie wants a penalty, but the referee says nothing is doing! Klavan clumsily collides with the Manchester United striker, who goes down heavily, and I think Estonia are a little lucky to get away with that challenge.
  • 38'
    Estonia have been really impressive. Netherlands have been limited to a handful of chances for Robben and Sneijder, with the favourites unable to have time and space to pick their passes.
  • 36'
    Well read by Martins! The young centre half covers ground quickly to deny Lindpere from racing through on goal, making his first real defensive contribution of the first half. The young Netherlands defence certainly haven't switched off during this domination.
  • 35'
    Good defending from Jaager! The right-back slides in to rob Lens of the ball, after a fancy flick from Van Persie failed to find his intended target of Robben! It's been a little too intricate for the Netherlands, but something special is required to part the blue sea of Estonia shirts.
  • 34'
    Plenty of patient possession from the Netherlands during this first half, but they've been allowed it. As soon as the away side make their way into areas of the pitch which Estonia do not wish to surrender, a well-organised blockade takes up the turf ahead of them.
  • 33'
    Just over the half hour mark, and if Van Gaal didn't realise that Netherlands' opposition would be resilient, he does now. The hosts need a result here tonight to stand any chance of qualifying in second place, and are sticking to their task to the hilt thus far.
  • 32'
    Klavan is a lucky man! The Estonia captain is robbed off possession by Robben, but the rebound off the Oranje goalscorer finds its way into the path of the offside Robin Van Persie. A big, big let-off for the Augsburg man.
  • 31'
    Good clearance from Piiroja, before Strootman fires over the bar! Piiroja and Jaager do just enough to prevent Lens from delivering a lethal cross from the left hand side, and the Roma man can't muster up a decent effort from the rebound. Netherlands are still struggling to get going.
  • 30'
    Excellent pressing from Estonia. Janmaat looks to bring the ball forward, to perhaps cause some overloads in the midfield third, but he is marshalled brilliantly by Lindpere. How the hosts have kept their shape and discipline must be admired.
  • 28'
    Nice work from Ojamaa, the right midfielder turns smartly to beat Willems, he looks to be the most likely to make something happen for his side. In Willems, he has an inexperienced adversary, but will struggle against the raw physical attributes of the PSV full-back.
  • 27'
    Netherlands aren't keen to waste their energy, and are prepared to let Estonia hold onto the ball in their own half for as long as they like. Aside from their equaliser, Estonia have offered nothing going forward, bar a couple of forward runs from Ojamaa.
  • 26'
    Vorm and De Vrij have a little mix-up, but the latter takes no chances, blasting the ball into touch as his goalkeeper looked to come and claim a loose ball on the edge of the penalty area. A few nervy players are out there in orange.
  • 25'
    ROBBEN! The Bayern man is the visitors main threat! A curling left foot effort again, and Pareiko is beaten, but so is the post! It rolls agonizingly wide, good effort from Robben.
  • 24'
    ROBBEN! The Dutchman cuts in with a nice one-two with Van Persie, before lashing a strike at goal with his trusted left foot! He scuffs the ball however, and Pareiko is relieved to make a good save.
  • 23'
    Slow and steady from the Netherlands, who are trying to avoid making more mistakes. The odd misplaced pass is creeping into their game, and Van Gaal won't want to see that. Estonia are disciplined and solid.
  • 22'
    Normal service is resumed, as Netherlands settle into their rhythm of domination. Estonia are so deep that it's difficult for them to break once they get hold of the ball, even Anier is ten yards inside his own half at times.
  • 21'
    SNEIJDER! The Galatasaray man tries his luck from range after receiving the ball from Lens, but sends his effort high and wide. Awful effort, but it shows impetus from the visitors. They need a second goal, and fast.
  • 20'
    Netherlands are playing with a renewed intensity now, as they may have just been given the perfect reality check. Estonia have stuggled, Anier has seen nothing of the ball, but the minnows are level.
  • 19'
    That was a wonderful goal! The midfielder caps the birth of his child with a wonderful goal, taking De Vrij out of the game amazingly, before a composed finish. First chance taken for Estonia!
  • 18'
    Assist Martin Vunk
  • 18'
    Goal Konstantin Vassiljev
    VASSILJEV! WHAT A GOAL! The midfielder nutmegs his marker, before slamming a wonderful left-footed effort past the sprawling Vorm! 1-1!
  • 17'
    A rare spell of possession for the hosts, but their defenders look a little panicked whilst on the ball. When Netherlands get the ball, they look sharp and able to transition into offense very quickly, whereas Estonia look very short on ideas.
  • 16'
    LENS! An awful mistake from Kruglov allows for Robben to slide a ball through to the onrushing Lens, but the youngster can only drag his shot way, way wide of the target. So much so, it could almost have been passed off as a poor cross.
  • 14'
    Not a great start from Estonia's defenders, they've been saved a little by their goalkeeper. Kruglov has had a torrid start to the game against Robben, he can't get tight to his man whatsoever. It's Netherlands' ball to waste, rather than Estonia stepping in to take the ball themselves.
  • 13'
    Willems goes down heavily after a poor challenge from Anier, but the PSV man is quickly back to his feet. Janmaat has his first opportunity of the game, as the ball broke favourably for the Feyenoord full-back in the Estonia penalty area, but he could only smash the ball over the bar!
  • 12'
    Good work from Lens! The young winger did well to beat his man, before trickling a dangerous ball across the six yard box, but Pareiko is quick off his line to claim the delivery. A good start from the Estonia goalkeeper.
  • 11'
    PAREIKO! Van Persie swivels in the box, shifting the ball onto his weaker right foot, and slams an effort at the near post. The 36-year-old uses his feet this time, to deny Van Persie his first of the evening!
  • 10'
    ROBBEN! The Bayern man cuts inside from the right yet again, trying his luck with his goalscoring left foot once again, but his shot is blocked. I sense that the more comfortable Netherlands get, the more solo work we'll see from Robben.
  • 9'
    Ruutli is already feverishly scribbling away at his notepad, and I would suggest that the Estonia boss won't be too unhappy with his side's performance. They've set up to frustrate, and thus far they've done well to keep Oranje at bay.
  • 8'
    SNEIJDER! On his 94th game, the Galatasaray man has been denied by a great save! Pareiko is at full stretch to push the Dutchman's powerful effort around the post! Sneijder did well there, he really had to dig the ball out from under his feet.
  • 6'
    Netherlands have moved the ball crisply so far, with Robben seeing plenty of early possession. With Janmaat prepared to press forward when his side are in possession, Robben is free to come inside if he should so please.
  • 5'
    Despite the sucker punch of an early goal, Estonia have spent a fair amount of time in the opposition box. Kruglov tries a deep cross from the left, but Vorm lets the ball run into his side netting.
  • 4'
    Only the one chance for Oranje in the opening minutes, but they've taken it clinically. The home side have started quite brightly, they're willing to harry and press, with Vorm seeing plenty of the ball already.
  • 3'
    Well, that didn't take long! The home crowd continue to make themselves heard, as do the travelling support, but I think that Estonia may have thrown away their chances in this game already. Far too easy for Robben to cut inside and get his shot away.
  • 2'
    Goal Arjen Robben
    GOOOOAL! ROBBEN! The home crowd falls silent! Van Persie receives the ball on the edge of the box, lays it off to Robben, who cuts inside onto his left foot and curls the ball beyond Pareiko's grasp!
  • 2'
    Netherlands are eager to hold onto the ball early on, giving Vorm plenty of the ball to encourage the hosts to push up and press, in the hope of opening up space further up the field. Estonia look motivated for this game!
  • 1'
    And we're off! It's a capacity crowd, by the looks of things, and the home fans are in good voice! Let's see if Estonia can cause an upset!
  • We're minutes from kick off now, and there should be plenty of goals on offer. With twenty goals in their six qualifying games, Netherlands should be looking to run up a decent total this evening.
  • Netherlands should have the firepower and quality required to cruise past their opponents tonight, with the pacey likes of Robben and Lens to trouble Estonia on the flanks, while the prolific Van Persie should have plenty of joy up front. A youthful core for Oranje, with Martins Indi and De Vrij as a central defensive partnership, but things are looking good before kick-off for the visitors.
  • Netherlands substitutes: Maher, Kuyt, Bruma, de Guzman, Zoet, Vermeer, Verhaegh, Schaken, van Wolfswinkel, Vlaar.
  • Estonia substitutes: Kotenko, Purje, Kams, Ahjupera, Aksalu, Reintam, Luts, Mosnikov, Zenjov, Kink, Teniste.
  • Netherlands starting line-up: Vorm, Janmaat, de Vrij, Martins Indi, Willems, Robben, Sneijder, Schaars, Strootman, van Persie, Lens.
  • Estonia starting line-up: Pareiko, Klavan, Piiroja, Jaager, Kruglov, Lindpere, Dmitrijev, Vunk, Vassiljev, Anier, Ojamaa.
  • TEAM NEWS: Wesley Sneijder starts for the visitors, as promised by the Netherlands boss. No Rafael van der Vaart or Georginio Wijnaldum, who pulled out of the squad, however their replacements look more than good enough to continue Netherlands' 100% record.
  • I'm Simon Harrison, and I will be the man to keep you fully informed of all of the action in Estonia, where Louis van Gaal has named a very strong side - he has the qualification finish line in sight, after all.
  • Hello and welcome to live coverage of one of tonight's World Cup qualifiers, as Estonia face a tough home fixture against the Netherlands, with Oranje needing only six more points to book their place at next year's tournament.