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Serie A

  • 23 September 2012
  • • 14:00
  • • Stadio Communale Friuli, Udine
  • Referee: D. Celi
  • • Attendance: 18000

Live Commentary

  • But that's enough from me. Udine deserve their win and they should use it as a springboard for the rest of the season. It could be a quiet year for them, but if they can get the best out of Ranegie and Badu, there should be exciting times along the way.
  • It may sound a bit reactionary, but Milan could find themselves struggling to finish in the top 10 this season. They are a shambles at the moment, and I don't think there is a coach out there who could coax a series of performances out of the players available. And when you consider the state of the San Siro pitch, you've got to wonder where the points will come from.
  • The Rossoneri have absolutely no spark whatsoever. Udine looked fairly ordinary today and just do not have the tenacity which has defined them in recent years, but they still had enough to see off their beleaguered opponents.
  • I would be very surprised if Allegri is still Milan coach by Monday morning. In fact, he might not even be allowed to join the team as they travel back to Milan! What a calamitous afternoon.
  • It's a third defeat in four matches for Milan, while Udinese pick up their first points of the season.
  • And that's it! What a thoroughly dreadful afternoon for Milan and Max Allegri.
  • 90' + 3'
    Corner for Udinese this time. Yet another counterattack, but yet again the hosts don't have the teeth to finish it off. They'll take their time over this.
  • 90' + 2'
    If an afternoon was ever summed up by one action! Bojan slips as he goes to take the corner, and Brkic collects. This is desperate stuff from the Rossoneri.
  • 90' + 1'
    Hold up, Milan have a corner...
  • 90' + 1'
    We're into the four minutes of stoppage time here.
  • 90'
    Having said that. the hosts come forward again and it's Coda who runs at the defence, untroubled, and fires off a shot that is turned over by Abbiati.
  • 89'
    Di Natale has been subbed by the way, so that counter threat has been somewhat diminished.
  • 88'
    It's just not going right for Milan. Even when Mesbah picks out a decent cross, Brkic takes the opportunity to make himself look a competent goalkeeper by claiming a fine catch around the penalty spot.
  • 87'
    SubstitutionAntonio Di Natale Diego Fabbrini
  • 87'
    And it so nearly was a goal on the counter! Milan came close to equalising through a low cross, but Udine stream forward through Pereyra. However, his pass to Di Natale is poor, and as the striker tries to return the favour, the move breaks down.
  • 86'
    Pasquale with a snap shot there that startled Abbiati into a straightforward but necessary save.
  • 85'
    Milan are still coming forward, despite having nine men. This is set up for a classic counterattack from Udinese.
  • 82'
    Yellow/Red Kevin-Prince Boateng
    RED CARD! Well that didn't quite work out as expected. The free kick was blocked and the ball flew out to the left. Boateng goes over and wrestles Pereyra to the ground, and is sent off for his second yellow. Milan have nine men.
  • 81'
    Milan have a free kick on the edge of the box. Bojan's fresh legs caught out Coda, and there's a bit of queue around the dead ball.
  • 80'
    Yellow Card Andrea Coda
  • 80'
    SubstitutionAntonio Nocerino Bojan Krkic
  • 80'
    Nocerino comes off and Bojan comes on. That might not be too popular a decision among Milan fans, but, for me, that's another example of the terms Allegri has had to work with this season. Nocerino hadn't been playing that well, either.
  • 78'
    Udine counterattack broken up as they set their sights on a third goal. Bojan is about to come on for Milan.
  • 78'
    Boateng really does have that extra bit of quality. That'll be him sold in January, then.
  • 77'
    Yellow Card Giampiero Pinzi
  • 77'
    Brkic may have been a bit dodgy on crosses, but you can't fault that save from Pazzini. Superb reactions.
  • 76'
    WOOSH! Pazzini forces a brilliant save from Brkic with an acrobatic effort. That would have been some goal from Abate's deflected cross.
  • 75'
    Yellow Card Kevin-Prince Boateng
  • 73'
    How would you describe Milan's performance today? I used the word for Montolivo, but I think it applies to the rest of his team-mates; ponderous.
  • 71'
    Pazzini had his shirt pulled there, but he flung himself to the ground so fast he might have left a bit of a crater.
  • 70'
    If Milan can tempt Brkic out of his goal - and it doesn't take much by the way - they could well have a route back into this game. The keeper has come for a few balls that he had no right to.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionUrby Emanuelson Francesco Acerbi
  • 69'
    Big problems for Milan, and Allegri in particular. This sort of calamity never quite sits well with unhappy owners. Acerbi is on now as the Rossoneri try to get themselves back into the game with 10 men.
  • 68'
    Penalty Goal Antonio Di Natale
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL! Di Natale sends Abbiati the wrong way and the forward bags his 11th goal versus the Rossoneri.
  • 67'
    Yellow/Red Cristian Zapata
  • 66'
    Zapata fouled Ranegie as he was about to fire home from six yards, so the referee blew his whistle. However, Di Natale smacked the ball in, and confusion ensued. But it is a penalty, and Zapata is off!
  • 66'
    DRAMA HERE! Is it a penalty for the hosts or is it a second goal? Is Zapata getting sent off?!
  • 65'
    WHAT A SAVE! Abbiati throws up an instinctive right hand to tip Di Natale's header over the bar from the free kick that followed Zapata's foul. Udine building the pressure.
  • 64'
    Yellow Card Cristian Zapata
  • 64'
    Zapata has been booked now for a foul on Pinzi. There was a bit of handball in that too, so no complaints really.
  • 62'
    Udine make a change as they look to get themselves back into the match, and it's Badu who is on for Faraoni. The hosts have been on the back foot since El Shaarawy spanked that equaliser in.
  • 61'
    SubstitutionD. Faraoni Badu
  • 61'
    While we're at it, what do you think to the Allegri situation? I think he's been incredibly hard done by. How many other coaches could do with his best players being sold or retiring? Not many.
  • 60'
    Udine usually do so well in replacing their departed stars, but this may be one season too far for them. What do you think?
  • 58'
    Di Natale with a sporting gesture there. Udine won the corner after playing on through Abate's injury. The right-back received his treatment, and Di Natale just kicked it straight out of play. Nice.
  • 56'
    I can't get enough of that El Shaarawy goal. It really was a brilliant hit from the 19-year-old.
  • 56'
    Milan attack again but Montolivo is robbed of possession on the edge of the area. He's been ponderous today.
  • 55'
    That was beautiful. Boateng plays an intricate pass into the forward line following a direct run, the ball breaks to Pazzini, who flicks it first time into the path of the oncoming El Shaarawy, who absolutely belts it, first time, into the back of the net. Wonderful.
  • 54'
    Assist Giampaolo Pazzini
  • 54'
    Goal Stephan El Shaarawy
    OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT A GOAL! El Shaarawy gets his third Serie A goal and his third against Udine with an absolute screamer from 25 yards!
  • 53'
    And it's Ambrosini who is coming off for Boateng. That's a good sub by Allregi, for my money.
  • 52'
    SubstitutionMassimo Ambrosini Kevin-Prince Boateng
  • 52'
    It looks like Kevin-Prince Boateng is coming on. I think that could be decisive in the outcome of this match; he's definitely got the spark that the Rossoneri just do not have at the moment.
  • 51'
    Di Natale is definitely having an off day. He's played in yet again with a direct ball over the Milan defence, but he hooks his shot well wide as it drops over his shoulder.
  • 50'
    If you were to read that a game is 'end-to-end', you'd expect it to be good, wouldn't you? Well this game is somewhat end-to-end, but isn't actually that exciting!
  • 49'
    Chance for Udinese! But Allan's shot was poor following his sharp turn, and Abbiati makes a comfortable save.
  • 48'
    We're back again, but just like a lot of the first half, both teams are just knocking it around slowly.
  • 46'
    Ranegie's landed very awkwardly here, so we've got another break in the play.
  • 46'
    We're back into the action here at the Friuli.
  • And that's it for the first half. It's not been a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but nobody was really expecting it to be. It's 1-0 to the hosts and Milan will have to turn this around if they want to keep their coach in a job.
  • He may have had his critics this season, but Kevin-Prince Boateng was Milan's most creative force in their win at Bologna, and the Rossoneri could definitely do with him today.
  • 45'
    Break in play here as Faraoni flails winded on the turf following a robust but fair challenge from Mesbah.
  • 44'
    Milan come forward but Nocerino's volley is deflected and drops just wide, much to the relief of the wrong-footed Brkic.
  • 41'
    The Swedish striker, who is a fair old size it must be said, plain outjumped the Milan players there to put his side into the lead.
  • 40'
    Assist Mehdi Benatia
  • 40'
    Goal Mathias Ranégie
    GOOOOOAL! Oh dear Allegri. Ranegie nods in ahead of Abbiati and Mexes, who didn't do anywhere near enough to clear that danger. It's 1-0 to Udinese!
  • 40'
    Yellow Card Massimo Ambrosini
    Classic Ambrosini. The midfielder is booked for dragging back Pasquale, who was charging away on the counter.
  • 39'
    Of course, El Shaarawy has two goals in Serie A to his name, and both have come against today's opponents.
  • 38'
    Brkic came flying out of his area there to punch a long ball, but he doesn't make a clean contact with it and El Shaarawy very near makes him pay with a low, curling shot.
  • 35'
    More pressure from the hosts as Faraoni breaks away down the right, but his cross is too deep and evades everybody in the middle.
  • 34'
    Good chance there as Benatia swivels and hooks an effort at goal from six yards following Di Natale's cut-back, but Abbiati is there to save comfortably.
  • 32'
    Udine thought they were in on the counter there but the referee pulled them back for a minor-looking infringement. They weren't happy about that.
  • 29'
    Oh dear. Montolivo goes to take a short free kick out to the right but just fires it out of play instead. That was awful.
  • 28'
    At the other end, Montolivo flashes one wide from 25 yards following a lovely backheel from Pazzini.
  • 27'
    And we nearly had one there after Ranegie got the better of Mexes, but the Frenchman's defensive partner Zapata was there to cover. He's done that a couple of times already, but he looks like that one hurt him.
  • 26'
    Milan are trying to get a bit of a hold on this game now, but Mesbah floats a poor cross well out of play. From the goal kick, Allan fails to control on the left byline and it goes out of play. Too sloppy at the minute, but you could never rule out a goal.
  • 23'
    Di Natale makes a mess of another effort after Pinzi picks him out with a fine ball over the top. He's had so many sighters so far, you'd think Di Natale will score one eventually.
  • 21'
    Decent chance for the Udine there after Pereyra did brilliantly to battle for some space down the right, but Di Natale scuffed his first shot and couldn't get enough purchase on his second after the ball came back at him.
  • 21'
    Both coaches are up on their feet looking busy and concerned in equal measure. Some of the passing is a bit loose here, and both bosses will want their men to be a bit more certain when in possession.
  • 19'
    Zapata is in to mop up the danger after Allan threatened to make something happen for the hosts.
  • 17'
    The game has settled down a bit now. Udine are having plenty of the ball at the back but are looking to hit Milan with long passes over the top towards Di Natale.
  • 15'
    Udine are slowly finding a foothold on this game now. Di Natale managed to find some space for himself down the left, only to put in a poor cross. Nevertheless, the hosts have found a certain amount of joy don that side already.
  • 12'
    Pinzi fires a volley over the bar from the edge of the area after Milan did well to scramble away the danger after being carved open by Pasquale down the left.
  • 11'
    Di Natale looks to fire a ball out to the right for Benatia, but it's well off target and Milan regain possession. They've bossed this opening period.
  • 9'
    Milan are in again as Mesbah wins possession on the edge of the Udine area, but his cross was weak and nothing comes of it.
  • 8'
    El Shaarawy floats an effort over the bar now as Milan really look to get the early goal to settle any nerves, Another corner, but Montolivo fires well over. That was poor.
  • 7'
    Pazzini goes close with an effort that was well saved by Brkic at his near post - although the striker should have done better - before Mexes tested the keeper with an overhead kick from the resulting corner.
  • 4'
    Chance for Montolivo on the right of the penalty area but he drags his half volley well wide of the far post.
  • 3'
    A comfortable early touch for Abbiati there. I've never really rated the Milan keeper, what do you think?
  • 2'
    It's Milan who have had more of the ball in the opening couple of minutes, as they no doubt try to feel their way into this tricky game.
  • 1'
    And here we go. Udinese get us under way.
  • The players are coming out on to the pitch at the Stadio Friuli. Of course, all the talk has been around Milan's slow start, but the hosts today haven't had much to shout about themselves.
  • What do you think the score will be today? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @goal_intl.
  • And this is what Allegri hopes will be enough to keep Filippo Inzaghi off his job for another week or so: Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Mexes, Mesbah; Montolivo, Ambrosini, Nocerino; Emanuelson, Pazzini, El Shaarawy .
  • Let's have a look at the teams, shall we? This is how Francesco Guidolin has set up his Udine side this afternoon: Brkic' Benatia, Danilo, Coda, Faraoni; Allan, Pinzi, Pereyra, Pasquale, Ranegie; Di Natale.
  • Good afternoon everybody! Sam Lee here, and I'll be talking you through Max Allegri's last game as AC Milan boss (maybe).