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  • 25 January 2013
  • • 19:30
  • • Signal-Iduna-Park, Dortmund
  • Referee: M. Weiner
  • • Attendance: 80100

Live Commentary

  • And that's full time! Thanks a lot for joining us here today. Stay tuned to across the weekend for all the action from the Bundesliga and more. 3-0 to Dortmund here, and plain sailing for the champions. Thanks for joining us!
  • 90'
    Just the one minute of stoppage time. Polter attracts the ire of the home fans by fouling Hummels.
  • 89'
    SubstitutionIlkay Gündogan Moritz Leitner
  • 89'
    Final BVB change now. Gundogan has come off, with Moritz Leitner replacing him.
  • 88'
    Assist Marco Reus
  • 88'
    Goal Robert Lewandowski
    GOAL!!! That's the end of that. Santa lofts it over the top to Reus, who taps it across the face of goal for Lewandowski, who swings a boot at it and finally gets his goal.
  • 86'
    Gotze plays an absolutely beautiful ball over the top for Piszczek, who tries to head it across the face of goal for Lewandowski to tap home, but it's misplaced.
  • 85'
    Dortmund have had a whopping 69 per cent of possession today. They really have dominated this game.
  • 82'
    It's descended into BVB playing keep-ball. The fans are happy - three points are all they want.
  • 80'
    Great save! Gundogan fires it towards goal from 30 yards, but Schafer gets across to make the save. So nearly a goal against his old club!
  • 78'
    SubstitutionTomas Pekhart Sebastian Polter
  • 78'
    SubstitutionTimo Gebhart Mike Frantz
  • 78'
    That's the last of Nurnberg's changes used. Frantz and Polter replace Pekhart and Gebhart for Der Club.
  • 77'
    SubstitutionSebastian Kehl Sven Bender
  • 76'
    SubstitutionJakub Blaszczykowski Nuri Sahin
    And here are the first Dortmund changes. Kehl comes off for Bunder, and Sahin comes on for Kuba, today's two-goal hero. He gets quite a reception.
  • 74'
    Credit to Nurnberg, for this second-half performance, though. They've been much better since the break, particularly in defence.
  • 72'
    Gundogan dinks in a cute ball to Lewandowski, who heads it over with his back to goal. Meanwhile, Nuri Sahin is being called back from his warm-up.
  • 70'
    We're creeping towards full time here. BVB's finishing hasn't been its best today, but they seem to have done just enough.
  • 67'
    Just wide! Kehl plays a lovely ball to Reus, who takes it down and tries to knock it past Schafer and into the net. However, it drifts narrowly wide.
  • 66'
    SubstitutionMarkus Feulner Robert Mak
    Time for the first change of the night. Robert Mak is coming on to replace Feulner, who has been largely quiet.
  • 65'
    Reus is flabbergasted when he's denied a corner by the referee - it certainly looked as though Chandler got the last touch on the ball.
  • 63'
    He wasn't down for long! Kuba picks up the ball just inside the box and lets fly with a wild shot that goes straight over the bar. Reus was begging for it at the near post!
  • 62'
    Worrying scenes for BVB fans. Gebhart goes in hard on Kuba, and although it was a fair challenge, the winger is in some pain. Chandler sportingly plays it out.
  • 60'
    How did that not go in?! Lewandowski beats the offside trap and tries to give Gotze a tap in, but the playmaker passes it back to his team-mate. This time, the Pole shoots, but Schafer comes out and makes a brave save from close range.
  • 59'
    Kiyotake slips the ball down the line for Chandler, who tries to whip it into the box, but Schmelzer gets across to make the block. Good defending from the Germany international.
  • 58'
    Feulner takes a shot from about 30 yards, but it's pretty tame and Weidenfeller saves it easily.
  • 55'
    Reus dribbles through a sea of bodies, but Pinola nips across and clears it as he advances towards the penalty area.
  • 55'
    What a pass! Gundogan sprays a lovely ball to Gotze, who takes it down beautifully, nutmegs Nilsson, but then goes down.
  • 53'
    Piszczek gifts possession to Nurnberg with a sloppy pass in his own half and the Bavarians advance down the left and find Pekhart, who forces a save from Weidenfeller.
  • 51'
    That's a poor corner, and it's headed away at the near post by Pekhart. BVB win the ball back, but once again give it away. Nurnberg's counter comes to nothing though.
  • 51'
    Gotze is the latest player to get down the right well and cross, and wins a corner in front of the BVB fans. Reus to take it...
  • 49'
    Controversial call from the referee there. It looked as though Lewandowski had played it off the arm of a defender, but the officials say no penalty.
  • 48'
    Typically slick play in the FCN half from BVB, who try to release Piszczek, but the Polish defender can't quite keep the ball in.
  • 46'
    And we're back. After about 10 seconds, Kuba fouls Kiyotake, and Nurnberg have a free kick in the middle of the park.
  • The Nurnberg players are back on the pitch slightly early. Can they produce anything more this half? Stay tuned to find out!
  • And that's half-time! BVB are 2-0 up and good value for their lead. Kuba's got both goals, and the hosts are cruising.
  • 45'
    Lewandowski takes possession of the ball 30 yards from goal, and with a surge of BVB bodies ahead of him, gives it right back to Nurnberg. Hasn't been his half.
  • 43'
    Piszczek gets possession of the ball once more on the right wing and crosses, but it goes onto the roof of the net. A shame.
  • 42'
    Dortmund have a goal disallowed! Piszczek gets the ball in the box, and rather than shoot himself, he elects to pass it to Lewandowski, who finishes well, but the flag denies him. Good decision from the linesman.
  • 40'
    For all of BVB's dominance, they have to count themselves lucky that Nurnberg's finishing has been so wayward this evening. A little more precision and the match could be completely different.
  • 38'
    What a chance! A shoddy clearance from Piszczek gifts the ball straight to Feulner, who fails to work Weidenfeller from a matter of feet. That one goes right into orbit.
  • 37'
    And now Schmelzer has given away a free kick on the Nurnberg right for hand-balling a cross. The BVB defence put it behind for a corner.
  • 36'
    It's Schmelzer who takes it, but the left-back gets no dip on it whatsoever, and his effort goes well over the bar.
  • 35'
    A great chance for BVB to extend their lead now as Reus wins a free kick from Klose after being the defender for pace. Gotze, Schmelzer and Reus himself stand over the ball.
  • 32'
    Mario Gotze gets a stern talking to from the referee for a late tackle in midfield. He's quite luck not to have been booked there, in my opinion.
  • 30'
    Tomas Pekhart must be kicking himself. If he had taken his chance - the only one FCN have really created thus far, we'd be looking at a very different match now. Of course, BVB scored two minutes later and the rest if history.
  • 28'
    What a chance! A lovely ball from deep finds, of all people, Piszczek in the box, but the right-back can't lift it over Schafter, who pounces off his line. This could be a rout - there's no defending at the moment.
  • 27'
    Reus hangs in a free kick from just inside the Nurnberg half, and although the visitors fail to clear the lines at first, neither Santana nor Lewandowski can take advantage.
  • 24'
    Mats Hummels almost loses the ball with a bit of careless control, but, much to the delight of the home crowd, recovers his posture and wins the ball back. Ole stuff already here.
  • 23'
    Well, that's game over. Kuba has two goals to his name just 23 minutes into this clash, and BVB are coasting to another victory. I'd back them to go on to score quite a few more yet, though.
  • 21'
    Assist Mario Götze
  • 21'
    Goal Jakub Blaszczykowski
    GOAL!! It's Kuba again! Gotze gets down the right and pulls it back to the penalty spot and the Poland winger sweeps it home. Lovely goal, but where was the defending?!
  • 20'
    Nurnberg, perhaps, have reason to be upset about the decision to award BVB a penalty, but there's no doubting that they deserve to be ahead.
  • 18'
    Penalty Goal Jakub Blaszczykowski
    GOAL!!! Blaszczykowski steps up to take the penalty and calmly side-foots it past Schafer.
  • 17'
    It's a Dortmund penalty! Piszczek gets down the right and latches onto a through ball, and Gebhart bundles him over. Nurnberg protest, but to no avail.
  • 15'
    How are Nurnberg not ahead?! Feulner puts in a great ball to Pekhart, whose downward header forces a fantastic save from Weidenfeller. Santana scrambles it away back to Feulner, but the keeper is there yet again to make the stop.
  • 13'
    LEWANDOWSKI!!! Piszczek gets down the right well and crosses to his fellow Pole, who heads it goal-wards, but Schafer is there to make the save.
  • 12'
    Another encouraging move from the visitors, now. Pekhart brings the ball down well on his chest and tries to spray it out wide, but again, Piszczek gets there quicker.
  • 10'
    Nurnberg finally get forward with Gebhart, who runs past a couple of men before losing control of the ball. Piszczek nips in and BVB clear.
  • 8'
    Nurnberg have barely touched the ball so far. Dortmund have been all over them, and it's only a matter of time before they get their goal.
  • 5'
    What a miss! A lovely through-ball gets Kuba in behind the Nurnberg defence, but rather than shoot, he elects to play in Lewandowski, who can only steer it wide from a matter of yards! That should be 1-0.
  • 4'
    It's certainly been a bright start from the champions. This time, Gundogan plays it through to Reus, but once again, the killer ball is lacking - Lewandowski was never going to get there.
  • 3'
    Marcel Schmelzer wins a free kick on the left wing, and when it's swung in, Kehl meets it at the far post, but heads wide.
  • 2'
    First sign of life from Dortmund - Gotze picks up the ball in midfield, runs between a couple of opponents and tries to play in Reus, but it's slightly over-hit.
  • And we're off! BVB get the game started, and immediately pump the ball long down the right, and win a throw.
  • We're having a rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone, and we'll be off and under way within seconds.
  • Nurnberg haven't scored at the Westfalenstadion since 2006, so surely there's no chance of an upset? You can send in your predictions in to me on Twitter (@eniskoylu). I look forward to hearing from you!
  • NURNBERG: Schafer; Chandler, Nilsson, Klose, Pinola; Balitsch, Simons; Feulner, Kiyotake, Gebhart; Pekhart
  • DORTMUND: Weidenfeller; Piszczek, Santana, Hummels, Schmelzer; Gundogan, Kehl; Kuba, Gotze, Reus; Lewandowski
  • The teams are in for the Friday night clash, and BVB have once again left Nuri Sahin on the bench.
  • Good evening! Last week saw the return of the Bundesliga, and now we have our first match at Signal Iduna Park Borussia Dortmund were in fine form against Werder Bremen last week, and now they're back on home soil to take on Nurnberg.