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Premier League

  • 29 April 2012
  • • 16:00
  • • White Hart Lane, London
  • Referee: M. Jones
  • • Attendance: 35798

Live Commentary

  • Right, that's me done for this afternoon. You can let me know your retrospective thoughts on Twitter @Miles_Chambers - I hope you stick around on for the reaction to all this weekend's Premier League games and the managers from this match! And, remember, MASSIVE match tomorrow. Manchester City v Manchester United, though I'm sure none of you need reminding...
  • Blackburn Rovers are the first team to not muster a single shot on target since West Bromwich Albion in 2004. I don't normally take sides, but for that stat alone part of me wants to see the side relegated. Utter garbage from Steve Kean's men, no fighting spirit whatsoever.
  • Jay Jaffa, our man at White Hart Lane today, finalises his afternoon: "Full-time and the three points go to the hosts in a strange game. The second-half seemed to completely bypass the visitors and even manager Steve Kean looked lost in his technical area. To not register a single shot against Brad Friedel is criminal, particularly for a team in such a dire situation. Perhaps indicative of their plight, only Paul Robinson, Bradley Orr and Scott Dann applauded the pocket of away fans. They look doomed for relegation to me. As for the hosts, it's a much needed win that sends them back into fourth spot. Kyle Walker will take the headlines for his stunning goal and it capped a good performance from the PFA's Young Player of the Year. Next up - Bolton away."
  • Nate sums it up on Twitter by adding: "Terrible game, Spurs fully deserve that win, surprised the result doesn't have more goals for Tottenham actually."
  • Sorry if I declined to reiterate that Blackburn had a corner at one point. Yep, that was the highlight for the fans who travelled hundreds of miles to watch this miserable attempt at football. The Lancashire club sit 19th on 31 points with two games remaining. They could still survive but it would be a shocker considering that performance. They have games against in-form Wigan Athletic at home then Chelsea away.
  • Full-time! Rafael van der Vaart's first-half, close-range strike and Kyle Walker's second-half, long-range free-kick gave Tottenham a far-too-comfortable victory over Blackburn Rovers this afternoon. The score finished 2-0 but it could so easily have been higher as the visitors failed to muster a single attack at White Hart Lane.
  • 90' + 2'
    It looks like the visitors will finish the game with a big, fat zero shots all afternoon. It's an impressive statistic in the saddest, most shameful way...
  • 90' + 1'
    Three minutes of stoppage time at White Hart lane and this game is petering out to a whimpering finish. I still can't get over how bad Blackburn have been to be honest...
  • 90'
    Yep, it looks like Rovers are destined for the drop right now. A draw here wouldn't have been a good result, but a loss is disastrous. Will Steve Kean still be manager at the start of next season do you think? Let me know @Miles_Chambers on Twitter, or if you want to vent your thoughts on today's game then go ahead!
  • 89'
    On Twitter, Ryan Healey says: "It won't seem right seeing Blackburn going down, theyve been an established Premier League team for so long..."
  • 88'
    SubstitutionRafael van der Vaart Jermain Defoe
  • 88'
    Jermain Defoe makes a cameo appearance at White Hart Lane in place of the first goalscorer this afternoon, Rafael van der Vaart.
  • 86'
    SubstitutionSandro Jake Livermore
  • 86'
    Sandro, whose rocket-propelled shot smacked the crossbar early on and who's had a super game for Spurs this afternoon, is replaced by Jake Livermore.
  • 85'
    Blackburn faff about on the edge of Tottenham's area but cannot get a shot away. The ball skids down the other end where Van der Vaart's squared ball is pounced on by the grateful arms of Robinson.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionDavid Dunn David Goodwillie
  • 84'
    SubstitutionAaron Lennon Giovani dos Santos
  • 84'
    Aaron Lennon comes off for Giovani dos Santos, while Blackbrn replace David Dunn with striker David Goodwillie.
  • 83'
    Blackburn fans must be gobsmacked that Steve Kean is still in charge after performances like this. The visitors clear after another excellent run from Walker, whose ball into the box is intercepted.
  • 82'
    Shot on goal today: Tottenham = 15, Blackburn = 0. Need I say any more? This away loss is thoroughly deserved - they have been abysmal in attack all afternoon. For all QPR's frailties in their 6-1 loss at Chelsea, at least they attacked occasionally!
  • 80'
    Rose whips a cross in from the left but Robinson holds the high ball and wellies it forwards.
  • 79'
    Pedersen's getting a bit of a poke and push from the home fans next to the sidelines. Tut tut tut, Spurs fans, keep your hands to yourselves! Blackburn's foray forward was a rarity, and normally I'd say better late than ever, but it's too late isn't it? Surely?
  • 77'
    Jay Jaffa at White Hart Lane reports for "That is sensational from Kyle Walker. No-one expected him to take it, including Harry Redknapp, who turned to the bench and said “he's not going to score from there is he?” Well he proves his manager wrong, curling a delightful effort into Paul Robinson's top-left corner from at least 30 yards. That ought to see Spurs home and dry now."
  • 75'
    Goal Kyle Walker
    GOAL!! Kyle Walker curls an absolute beauty in from 35 yards! The free-kick curled, David Beckham-esque, around the wall and into the top right-hand corner. Tottenham 2-0 Blackburn Rovers!
  • 74'
    Jay Jaffa is fooled by Redknapp and Lennon's indecision too it seems at White Hart Lane: "Aaron Lennon hobbles off and to everyone's surprise Giovani Dos Santos is coming on. In fact, it's so surprising that the Mexican has Harry Redknapp waiting as he takes off his training gear. Furthermore, he's actually sent Lennon back on and given Dos Santos a few more minutes to warm up. We think he'll still be coming on."
  • 73'
    Anthony Modeste is subbed on for Yakubu, who doesn't look too pleased at leaving the pitch with over 15 minutes left.
  • 72'
    SubstitutionYakubu Aiyegbeni Anthony Modeste
  • 72'
    Ha, seems like my expert medical analysis of Lennon's injury was wrong: it's his ankle which is playing up. It looks like he's coming off, but then he has a change of heart and insists he's okay to come back on after a bit of self-massage.
  • 70'
    Bale has a pot-shot on target but it's straight at Robinson who cuddles the ball like a childhood teddy bear.
  • 69'
    Van der Vaart whips the ball in from a set-piece with his left foot but Givet headers clear for Rovers. Blackburn look more comfortable with the incessant attacking from Spurs, but can they turn the tables and work out which end they're meant to be shooting at?
  • 68'
    22 minutes left then. And 22 minutes for Blackburn players to remember they're in a relegation battle and put in just the slightest bit of attacking intent.
  • 67'
    Lennon is down on the right with an injury but play continues with Adebayor on the left. The England winger is back on his feet but moving slowly. Looks like a dead leg of sorts, but I'm no medic!
  • 66'
    Sandro tripped 50 yards from goal and Tottenham charge again from the quickly-taken free-kick. Passes across the pitch cannot penetrater what has become a hardy two lines of defence from Blackburn.
  • 65'
    Can squeaky bum time be applied to all sorts of games at the end of the season, and not just title challengers like Manchester United? If so, squeaky bum time is definitely what Spurs fans must be feeling at White Hart Lane at the moment as their players struggle to find a second goal.
  • 64'
    Blackburn pair Jason Lowe and Bradley Orr combine to clear, after Van der Vaart misjudges a header at the left post from Bale's header back across the goalmouth.
  • 63'
    Jay Jaffa senses the home fans are unhappy with Spurs' dropped tempo: "Strange turn of events here. The fans can sense a significant drop in tempo and so can the management. The players as yet have not reacted and by and large (with the odd exception) look to be coasting this half. It's got all the hallmarks of a Blackburn sucker-punch. That of course depends on the visitors attitude. As yet, they've not realised they're in with a chance of stealing something here."
  • 62'
    Hoilett has a dribble forward but the brick wall that is Kaboul is in his path. Possession is back at the feet of the hosts. Again.
  • 61'
    ...Which is exactly what happens! But Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel wins a free-kick for being infringed by opposition attackers. Spurs counter and the move culminates in Gareth Bale dragging a shot wide of the right post.
  • 60'
    The Croatian then avoids a booking for a late lunge on Dunn bang-on the halfway line. I expect Blackburn will pummel the ball into the Tottenham box.
  • 59'
    Modric lashes a shot from 30 yards or so with his right foot, but the strike dribbles a few yards wide of Robinson's right post.
  • 58'
    Murmurs of frustration are spreading around White Hart Lane - the fans can tell that the current one-goal cushion is not ideal considering their recent fortunes. And they might just be right.
  • 57'
    Tottenham deserve credit for really restricting the visitors when they're on the ball. Everytime Blackburn get any period of possession there are white shirts buzzing around them like moths to a lightbulb!
  • 56'
    Ladi gives us our only pro-Blackburn prediction on Twitter: "I expect a surprise goal from BB. And I see the game ending in a DRAW."
  • 55'
    Steve Kean, Blackburn boss and - paradoxically - one of the least liked people in Ewood Park, is munching vociferously on his chewing gum on the sidelines. I hope he's figuring out a tactic to turn the tables here, otherwise we're looking at more one-way traffic this half.
  • 54'
    Blackburn have just 24% possession this half, and in my opinion look like they've actually seen more of the ball than last half!
  • 52'
    Adebayor shows off his defensive qualities by muscling Bradley Orr off the ball on the Blackburn right. Nowhere near enough desire from the visitors, which is sad to see considering their current plight.
  • 51'
    Jay Jaffa from White Hart Lane reports: "The only noticeable change from Blackburn in this half is seeing Junior Hoilett swap wings. That's a sensible move from Steve Kean as it should restrict Danny Rose a little more this half. The full-back has been in an adventurous mood today but will need to be a little more tactful with his approach play this half."
  • 50'
    Spurs keeper Brad Friedel, in what must be his first bit of action all game, does well to prevent a Blackburn corner when David Dunn's shot is heading out after a deflection off Danny Rose's leg.
  • 49'
    Aaron Lennon shoots inside the box on the right, but it brushes the side netting and never threatens Paul Robinson in the Blackburn goal. A bit of waste considering the nice build-up from Emmanuel Adebayor and Modric.
  • 48'
    Oooo. Kyle Walker whips a delightful ball in from the right but Blackburn header away to clear the danger. Younes Kaboul finds himself in unfamiliar territory, and unsurprisingly fires miles wide to the right of goal.
  • 47'
    No substitutes from either side at the break. Modric gives the ball away in the hosts first attack of the half.
  • 46'
    Van der Vaart and Adebayor get us back underway at White Hart Lane!
  • The game is about to get back underway at White Hart Lane. A quick reminder: Rafael van der Vaart's goal is all that separates the team on the scoresheet, but on the pitch Tottenham were completely dominant. Blackburn Rovers looked out of their depth and they have 45 minutes to get their relegation survival mission back on track.
  • Gael Givet and Emmanuel Adebayor inexplicably swapped shirts at half-time. Maybe they're planning a sneaky swap for the final 45 minutes. No offense guys, but you could've picked better lookalikes if that was the plan...
  • correspondent Jay Jaffa gives us an update at the break: "Half-time and it's been routine for the hosts so far. Rafael van der Vaart's opening goal gives Harry Redknapp's side the 1-0 lead at the break against a pretty abject Blackburn performance. Sandro has been simply immense in the midfield allowing Luka Modric to dictate play largely without having to worry about the defensive side of his game. You have to think Steve Kean will change something and at least attempt a more positive approach in the second-half. Next goal is crucial!"
  • Before the game started I had predicted in the preview that Rovers might nick a 3-2 win at White Hart Lane, but if the form from both sides remains this way then I'll hold my hands up and accept that Spurs are bound to take three points away this afternoon.
  • I'm not going to lie, I expected Tottenham to start the better of the two teams but I didn't see Blackburn being THIS bad. At the end of the half they showed a bit more of a desire to stroll into the opposition half, and they are really going to need that in the final 45 minutes if they want to be playing in the Premier League next year.
  • You too can have your say by tweeting your predicted scores, outcomes and general thoughts of this Spurs-Rovers match to @Miles_Chambers.
  • Ryan Healey, one of those mythical realistic football fans, writes on Twitter: "As an Arsenal fan, I'm willing Blackburn to win, but realistically I'm thinking a 3-0 win for Spurs."
  • Half-time! Tottenham have barraged the Blackburn goal but only lead 1-0 for all their numerous attacking efforts. Rafael van der Vaart's goal was cleared from behind the line by Scott Dann but correctly given by the referee. It's been a subdued half for all concerned with Rovers - former White Hart Lane goalkeeper Paul Robinson has been kept busy in between the home side rattling the woodwork three times in the first 45 minutes.
  • 45' + 1'
    We're into the one and only minute of stoppage time in north London.
  • 45'
    Jay Jaffa adds from White Hart Lane: "Bit of verbal sparring between Kevin Bond and Kyle Walker as the defender opts inside rather than spreading play to the wide-open Aaron Lennon. When the ball eventually gets there, Lennon's flagged offside. Cue Harry Redknapp turning to his bench and saying: 'you've got to look across the line, how can you be offside there?'"
  • 44'
    Adebayor gifts Blackburn a free-kick when Marcus Olsson works hard to tackle the Manchester City loanee and is subsequently fouled.
  • 43'
    William Gallas hits the woodwork now! A second Spurs corner in succession glances off the former Arsenal centre-back skull, beats Robinson, but crossbar-saves-all as they say in parks across the country.
  • 42'
    Gael Givet makes a crucial header from Bale's deep free-kick but concedes another Tottenham corner.
  • 41'
    Did my eyes deceive me, or did Blackburn just string seven passes together? No matter, Hoilett gave the ball away and Spurs maraud forward once more.
  • 40'
    Five minutes remain of the half and Tottenham are in the most luxurious comfort zone imaginable at White Hart Lane.
  • 38'
    Ammar Shakeel predicts on Twitter: "Spurs going to win it 3-1!! And will make the relegated threatened BB side to hang on a thread! Spurs will lay seige to BB's defence but won't be clinical enough in finishing!!"
  • 37'
    Robinson blocks cleverly with his outstretched bodywhen Modric slips through the back four, and it dribbles out for a Blackburn throw-in eventually.
  • 36'
    Are you as surprised as me that Rovers are showing such little intent to attack at White Hart Lane? Or do you think the plan is to attack in the second half perhaps? Tweet me @Miles_Chambers your thoughts and predictions for this Spurs-Blackburn tie, which Tottenham are currently winning 1-0.
  • 35'
    Blackburn are playing five in defence, it should be noted. The majority of the time, however, it's essentially 10 men behind the ball with Yakubu stranded alone up front.
  • 33'
    Blackburn are starting to restrict the passing space but the home side are simply finding new gaps to exploit at White Hart Lane. No action to speak off but brilliant passing from Redknapp's men.
  • 32'
    Where have this version of Tottenham's team been all season? They're tearing the visitors to shreds, with Bale, Modric and Walker instrumental in every foray forward.
  • 30'
    Adebayor controls the ball with finesse inside the Rovers 18-yard box, but his ball back to Sandro isn't fired back sweet enough towards Robinson and it bobbles off a few Blackburn defenders before clearing.
  • 29'
    Jay Jaffa from White Hart Lane comments on the Tottenham goal: "A melee, scramble, whatever you want to call it - but Spurs have opened the scoring. It's been given to Rafael Van der Vaart as he helped bundle the ball over the line following Scott Dann's clearance onto the crossbar from Gareth Bale's header. As the goal was given, Harry Redknapp leapt from his seat to celebrate and almost had reason to do so again a minute later as Aaron Lennon scythed through the Blackburn defence. The winger's left-footed shot was high and wide though. Great start from the home team."
  • 28'
    Tottenham are pouring forward with every man they can. Blackburn need to get a grip on this game or they could be competing with QPR for most embarrassing scoreline of the day!
  • 26'
    Sandro has had a bang on the head it looks like and the referee is making sure he's okay as he looks a bit drowzy before a Spurs corner. Please don't let us see the contents of your lunch Sandro...
  • 24'
    Aaron Lennon can be a greedy little gremlin! It's three-on-three in the Blackburn half and he opts not to pass to Adebayor free on the right or Bale in space on the left, before smashing it high and not-so-handsome over the Blackburn crossbar. It remains 1-0 to the hosts here.
  • 22'
    Assist Gareth Bale
  • 22'
    Goal Rafael van der Vaart
    GOAL!! I was about to scream 'How did that not go in?!' when the referee decided to give the goal. Rafael van der Vaart is the goalscorer after a melee of sorts in the Rovers box. Bale heads it goalwards but Scott Dann nods it against the underside of the crossbar on the line. Sandro fiddles with the ball a second or two before Van der Vaart takes control as smacks it over the line. Blackburn proclaim it didn't go over the line as Dann was there to clear it from behind the line but their protestations are rightly met with deaf ears. Tottenham 1-0 Blackburn Rovers!
  • 20'
    Danny Rose showing a bit of inexperience with his delivery from the left flank. He fails to look up before crossing for the back post, where a gran total of zero Spurs players are stood. Maybe that's more the fault of his fellow attackers. I'm not so sure!
  • 19'
    Morten Gamst Pedersen is down with a bit of leg pain after a heavy (albeit fair) tackle from Sandro. He looks like he'll be back up and running soon thankfully.
  • 18'
    Blackburn midfielder David Dunn leaps in magnificently to block Kyle Walker's cross after an equally impressive run down the right wing.
  • 17'
    Some beautiful switching of play from Spurs between Adebayor and Rose, then Bale and Lennon, but no more clear chances just yet.
  • 16'
    Adebayor is penalised for using his arm in an aerial challenge around 40 yards from the opposition goal. Robinson jogs up to hoof the ball into Tottenham's box from the free-kick.
  • 15'
    Jay Jaffa gives us an update from White Hart Lane: "Ah, the first rendition of 'Gareth Bale, he plays on the left' rings out. It's hard to work out these days if it's Harry Redknapp or the Welshman who's at fault for his positioning but he moved from the middle to the right as I type. The inclusion of Danny Rose does provide Spurs with slightly more of a flying full-back option so perhaps it won't be as big a hindrance seeing Bale wander."
  • 14'
    The corner comes to nothing, and Spurs counter, with Lennon's blistering pace getting him through the Blackburn back-four but his cross to Van der Vaart at the back post was too heavy.
  • 13'
    Ha, well out of nowhere a Blackburn corner. Walker thinks the ball has exited played but the referee disagrees, and Marcus Olsson charges forward before seeing his low cross blocked.
  • 12'
    So much control from the home team, I cannot overstate how little the visitors have been in this match at the moment. Modric, Bale, Sandro and Walker are key in intercepting Blackburn men whenever they do swindle a few seconds of possession.
  • 10'
    Blackburn keeper Paul Robinson, who could never have gotten a hand on the Brazilian's shot moments ago, beats Bale at the back post when a cross is whipped in from deep on the right flank.
  • 9'
    THWACK!!!!!! Sandro hits the ball at approximately 5 bazillion miles per hour from 25 yards out when the crowd scream "shoooooot", and it cannons off the crossbar, bounces off the floor and no Spurs player can get control of the loose ball. Another let-off for the visitors and another fine opportunity to go ahead for the hosts.
  • 8'
    Blackburn have a throw-in, which is big news I feel. They keep the ball for an entire 8 seconds until Yakubu commits a foul on the halfway line and it's back in Spurs' control.
  • 6'
    PFA Young Player of the Year, Kyle Walker, gets his go at playing with what may as well be labelled Tottenham's Ball. Rovers still can't get a smidgen of possession in north London.
  • 5'
    Steve Kean's men have seen as much of the ball so far this match as England has seen of sunny weather all April. Aka, none whatsoever. Sandro has his go at weaving through the Blackburn defence, taking on at least five men before tumbling at the byline. A generous round of applause for his efforts is given though.
  • 4'
    A first corner for the home side as Lennon cannons it off visiting centre-back Scott Dann.
  • 3'
    Rafael van der Vaart, Gareth Bale and Modric are passing it about intricately 30 yards from Blackburn's precious goal.
  • 2'
    Spurs should be ahead! Luka Modric drives through three defenders on the left side of the Rovers goal before skidding it towards the back post for Aaron Lennon. The England right winger somehow gets his feet stuck and fumbles scoring in front of an open goal. White Hart Lane gasps in unison at the shock of not seeing the net rustle.
  • 1'
    Blackburn Rovers kick-off and pelt it up the pitch along the left wing for an immediate Tottenham throw. Bit of a waste fellas!
  • Jay Jaffa reports from the Spurs stadium: "As expected, Paul Robinson has received a superb ovation from the Park Lane. 'England's number one!' rings out from the stands and the Blackburn keeper looks chuffed as he gives the fans a thumbs up. On the Spurs bench is Ryan Nelsen and he's positioned himself as close to the Rovers bench as possible. Plenty of handshakes all round. The sun is also out! Amazing."
  • The players are out, and I can confirm it is (probably, because the pictures are a bit blurry) NOT raining at White Hart Lane. Mere seconds until kick-off. Send your match predictions to @Miles_Chambers on Twitter as per usual!
  • A quick reminder of the formations at White Hart Lane: Tottenham are playing a 4-4-1-1, with Rafael van der Vaart playing just behind Adebayor up top. Blackburn look like they'll be playing a similar formation, but expect Jason Lowe to drop back behind the midfield an Hoilett to switch over to the right should the hosts be attacking relentlessly.
  • More juicy details from Jay Jaffa at White Hart Lane: "Some historical information for you. In the year Tottenham were formed (1882), Blackburn reached their first FA Cup final, losing 1-0 to Old Etonians. It was also the year the FA decided to introduce the two-handed throw-in. There's an image for you – imagine what Rory Delap would be capable of!"
  • Scott Parker is absent with a sore Achilles injury today, according to 'Arry Redknapp. As always, thoughts, comments, criticism, praise, ideas, predictions, etc, etc, etc to @Miles_Chambers on Twitter. T-Minus 10 minutes until kick-off!
  • Kean has definitely won me over. He reminds me of my overly-optimistic old football coach for Heworth Under-14s. But, let's be honest, it's a miracle he's still knocking about Ewood Park. If he gets a win at White Hart Lane I hope the Rovers fans get off his back a little bit as the guy's clearly trying his hardest in obscene circumstances.
  • My last Blackburn update was a bit of a downer wasn't it? Apologies. Look on the bright side Rovers supporters: a win today and you're guaranteed to move up to 18th and level on points with 17th-placed QPR. Plus you're one of only four teams to have won the Premier League, which is always a good stick to shove up the noses of deluded Liverpool fans...
  • More from Jay Jaffa at the Spurs ground: "Brad Friedel has just been presented with an award for playing in what will be his 300th consecutive Premier League appearance. Pretty decent effort from the American stopper. In the opposite goal, former Spur Paul Robinson captains Steve Kean's side today. Always a popular figure amongst the home support, he's likely to get a warm ovation today. Spurs are missing Scott Parker, who is absent from the squad of 18 but that offers Sandro a chance to rediscover the form that made him so renowned last campaign."
  • Steve Kean’s players sit uncomfortably in 19th with three games remaining. A win really, really, REALLY is a must for them. Even battling to a draw would mean wins would be essential from both their final two matches if Bolton Wanderers win any of their last three games or QPR win either of their last two.
  • I have the joy of being able to bring you the pre-match analysis of Jay Jaffa, who is the correspondent at White Hart Lane this afternoon. He says: "Welcome to a wet but surprisingly mild White Hart Lane for a Premier League clash that will have implications at both the top and bottom of the league. Following results in the last 24 hours, Blackburn know they need to leave London later tonight with at least a point to keep alive fading hopes of survival. For Tottenham, a run of form that has seen just one league win in their last nine games, doesn't offer much hope today. However their recent record against Blackburn is impressive. Five wins from five will give the fans hope that today will see their side regain fourth place. However, they'll be acutely aware that Chelsea's 6-1 thrashing of QPR leaves them in sixth place pre-kick-off. As ever, this is a massive fixture."
  • Tottenham have imploded in the second half of the season, but Arsenal’s draw at Stoke City and Newcastle’s lost has opened the door for fourth place and potentially third once more. So all hope is not lost Spurs faithful! I’m sure it feels like a bitter pill in comparison to the heady heights they were at back in October/November when pundits had them pencilled in as title challengers. But hey ho, you win some, you lose some, and I bet optimism would return with a win at White Hart Lane today.
  • Fun fact: On Saturday morning QPR had an eight goal advantage over Wigan Athletic regarding goal difference, which could be crucial come the climax of the season. Now, on Sunday afternoon, they have a goal disadvantage because of their five-goal defeat and the Latics 4-0 home win over the Magpies yesterday. Mark Hughes’ men are wading through boggy waters at the bottom now. Sorry, haha, couldn’t resist a final one.
  • Can you think of any more watery (and woeful) puns on the previous match or this one between Tottenham and Blackburn? Tweet @Miles_Chambers and I promise if I read any that make me chuckle I will whack them into this LIVE commentary!
  • When it rains, it pours: QPR’s relegation survival hopes were dampened when the floodgates opened and Chelsea showered six goals in at a puddle-ridden Stamford Bridge earlier today. The Blues swam past Spurs into fifth position with the 6-1 spraying, but still sit a point adrift of Newcastle United in fourth. Harry Redknapp’s men will be eager to slip and slide back up the Premier League table by diving into a win at White Hart Lane over Rovers.
  • Want filling in on what happened at the Chelsea-QPR game which just finished? Mwahahaha, time to bombard you lovely lot with puns (I’ve been waiting with excitement for this moment for an hour or two, can you tell?)...
  • Blackburn Rovers, in stark contrast, make zilch changes from the team which beat Norwich City 2-0 last weekend. Expect Junior Hoilett to be among the threats should Steve Kean’s men decide they fancy and attack or two at White Hart Lane this afternoon - he’s scored the past three wins for the Lancashire club. Yakubu is their top goalscorer this season but David Dunn is a personal favourite of mine. The midfielder with the solitary, cheeky England cap from 10 years ago is an absolute workhorse in the heart of Ewood Park.
  • Spurs make four changes to their starting XI: Younes Kaboul slots in at centre-back in place of Ledley King, with his fellow centre-back William Gallas captaining in King and Michael Dawson’s absence. Elsewhere, the injured Benoit Assou-Ekotto is replaced by Danny Rose at left-back (anyone else remember his corker of a goal against Arsenal two seasons ago?), Aaron Lennon comes in for Scott Parker (who is rested completely) and Emmanuel Adebayor starts instead of Jermain Defoe up front.
  • Blackburn: Robinson; Givet, Dann, Marcus Olsson, Orr; Lowe; Formica, Pedersen, Ms Olsson, Dunn, Hoilett; Yakubu. Subs: Kean, Mn Olsson, Petrovic, Nzonzi, Modeste, Rochina, Goodwillie.
  • Tottenham: Freidel; Walker, Kaboul, Gallas, Rose; Lennon, Modric, Sandro, Bale; Van der Vaart; Adebayor. Subs: Cudicini, King, Nelsen, Livermore, Giovani, Defoe, Saha.
  • Good afternoon boys and girls, I am Miles Chambers, and this is’s LIVE commentary of Tottenham v Blackburn Rovers! The tail end of the 20 Premier League season is no longer in sight, but mere millimetres from our football-mad faces. This match is a crux game at both ends of the table and I’ll explain why in a couple of minutes. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these line-ups and the changes analysis afterwards. You’re most welcome.