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UEFA Champions League

  • 10 April 2013
  • • 19:45
  • • Camp Nou, Barcelona
  • Referee: B. Kuipers
  • • Attendance: 96022

Aggregate 3 - 3 Barcelona win on away goals

Live Commentary

  • Well that's your lot from me, I've been Daniel Edwards and it's been a pleasure to take you through this game. Stay safe, stay cool, and I'll catch you for the next one.
  • Fortunately for the home team, Lio had just enough time on the pitch to work his magic and drive the comeback. The thought of the Argentine suffering a long-term injury should give Barca fans nightmares.
  • What can we say about Barcelona then? There were two teams out tonight, before and after Messi's entrance, and the difference resembled those photos doctors take of cosmetic surgery transformations. One side was ponderous, unthreatening and pedestrian, the other dynamic and with a clear route to goal.
  • The Blaugrana then go through on away goals, but PSG will no doubt feel unlucky to have come out on the losing side of this tie. Holding the Catalans twice is nothing to be sniffed at, and this game could well have gone their way with a bit more accuracy in front of the net.
  • THAT'S IT!!!!! THE FINAL WHISTLE BLOWS, BARCELONA 1, PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN 1. We all know what that means, Messi has saved the day (sort of) and the Cules go on to the last-four.
  • 90' + 4'
    Ouch!!!! Lucas and Alba crash into each other at great velocity. That looked painful, but they're both ok.
  • 90' + 3'
    A looping cross from the right, Zlatan meets it, heads towards goal and..... Easy for Valdes. We're edging towards the end here.
  • 90' + 3'
    For Pastore then, would it be the Last Tango in Paris? Sorry.
  • 90' + 2'
    Alves tries for a late flourish, barging through but he is stopped in the box and gives the ball away. Last roll of the dice for Paris.
  • 90' + 1'
    Barcelona are exactly where they want to be, camped down by the corner flag in possession. Four minutes of added time.
  • 90'
    A rather schizophrenic moment from Beckham, who launches into a vicious tirade against the ref before becoming all smiles two seconds later. Too late, it's a yellow for the veteran.
  • 89'
    Yellow Card David Beckham
  • 89'
    It's kitchen sink time now for PSG, all or nothing, la gloria o la muerte. They're going to throw everything at Barca, but so far the Catalans aren't folding.
  • 88'
    SubstitutionChristophe Jallet Gregory van der Wiel
  • 88'
    AAAAAAAY ANDRES!!!! An brilliantly cheeky turn took the maestro away from Jallet and the shot was there, but from wide out on the left the side netting is the ball's final destination.
  • 87'
    After being fairly muted for much of the match, the nervous Nou is finally finding its voice, chanting with every Barca touch.
  • 86'
    Yellow Card Thiago Silva
  • 86'
    Time slipping inexorably away from PSG in Camp Nou, as indeed it is for all of us. Thiago picks up a yellow for a nasty whack on Messi, and is also going to miss the next game - whenever that is for the French team.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionDavid Villa Alex Song
  • 84'
    And Barca make their final sub too. Villa, who was pretty poor but laid off a lovely ball to set up the goal, makes way for Song in a presumably defensive switch.
  • 83'
    SubstitutionMarco Verratti David Beckham
  • 82'
    Straight into the action Gameiro, with a Barcaesque shot into the stands. Now the Spice Boy himself, David Beckham, is getting ready to enter.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionEzequiel Lavezzi Kevin Gameiro
  • 81'
    Carlo must have been listening. Ezequiel is off, and Kevin Gameiro will try his luck for the last 10 minutes or so.
  • 80'
    Yellow Card Ezequiel Lavezzi
  • 80'
    Lavezzi Lavezzi Lavezzi, if I was Ancelotti I'd be planting my boot firmly into his posterior. It's not been his day, and after giving away the ball he concedes a needless foul that earns a yellow.
  • 78'
    Ah no, this is what the French do not want. Barca start stroking the ball around, treating it like a faberge egg. The panic and chaos seems like a faint, Messiless memory now.
  • 76'
    PSG still have all their subs to make. Anyone stand out on the bench who could make the difference? David Beckham, perhaps?
  • 75'
    15 minutes to go here, and while Barca are on a Messi high right now do not by any means count PSG out of this one. Still plenty of time for the upset.
  • 74'
    But beware of the zlatanator!! raz gates counsels. Does our dear commenter know something we don't about the imminent robot invasion??? Is Zlatan on their side? We need answers.
  • 72'
    Do I even have to mention that Messi played a big part in that? Of course he did, what do you think? A neat pass played Villa into the area, the striker held up well and laid to Pedro to drop the bomb. BOOOOOOOM. Barca going through if this result holds.
  • 71'
    Assist David Villa
  • 71'
    Goal Pedro
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE, I JUST SIMPLY DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!! Pedro has levelled the game, a stunning shot from the edge of the area, and Barca are back.
  • 69'
    Ooooh the Barca boys are none too pleased. Villa screams for a foul on the edge of the box, but replays seem to suggest he simply fell over. Nothing given.
  • 68'
    Maxwell can't find a way past Alves, and Lavezzi plays off Pique for the corner. They play it short, and there's no way through.
  • 67'
    Pastoreeeeeeee!!!! The Argentine tries for a second, it's long and fairly ambitious, and skids wide of Valdes' left post.
  • 66'
    All that was missing from Messi's entrance was the Superman theme music, everyone in Camp Nou (on the Barca side) thinks he will rescue Lois Lane - I mean, his team.
  • 65'
    Pique then from the resulting corner, shoots low but can't get through the sea of bodies. Iniesta forces Sirigu into a good save, and my fingers are about to fall off from frantic typing.
  • 64'
    Lio takes his first touches trying to punch a hole through the middle, but is well covered by Alex. Iniesta then takes up the mantle, but Thiago is there.
  • 63'
    Here comes the saviour!! Lionel 'La Pulga' 'Best player in the world' (TM Argentine press) Messi is on the field. Can he save Barcelona from catastrophe?
  • 62'
    SubstitutionCesc Fàbregas Lionel Messi
  • 62'
    SubstitutionAdriano Bartra
  • 62'
    FOR THE LOVE OF G....!!!!!! I don't think I even need to tell you what happened, great move from Barca, Alba's cross goes deep and Alves smashes about 200m over the bar. Stormtroopers, the lot of them.
  • 61'
    Gotcha, it was Lucas. The Brazilian strikes well, but Roberto Carlos he ain't and it's fairly comfortable for Valdes.
  • 60'
    A free kick now for the French team, it's a fair way out but Zlatan won't mind, he's going to have a go...
  • 59'
    OOOOOOOOOH SO CLOSE!!! Great stuff by Zlatan, who skips merrily down the left and squares perfectly for Pastore. Javi has the goal in his sights, but fluffs his shot. PSG are still coming.
  • 58'
    If Barcelona keep shooting as badly as they are now, I'm going to stop writing about them. Seriously, a waste of my time and yours. Villa strikes almost for a throw in, and tries to atone by furiously imagining a deflection.
  • 57'
    tusharjain9 keeps the faith... "score will be 1-1 tonight with messi scoring a goal on coming as a substitute..."
  • 56'
    That triangle of death, Pastore, Ibra and Lucas, has been a nightmare for Barca. Lucas tries to move on goal thanks to a neat flick from the Argentine, but his first touch is too strong and Pique cleans up.
  • 55'
    STAT ATTACK!!!! With seven assists, the charitable Swedish ponytail has laid on more goals than anyone else in this year's Champions League.
  • 53'
    Barcelona are rocking now, they're down and nearly out. PSG carry on the pressure, a corner and it needs a good take from Valdes to end the danger.
  • 52'
    A lovely little through ball from Zlatan to set up, and that finish? If I wasn't so sure I'd be lynched for such words, I'd dare to deem it Messiesque. Where is the Flea anyway?
  • 50'
    Assist Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • 50'
    Goal Javier Pastore
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL!!!!!!!! PSG!!!!!! Pastore does the damage, he puts PSG ahead, a great break and a casual chip over Valdes. My oh my oh my.
  • 50'
    Cesc and the upper tiers of the Camp Nou; reunited once more. Another wayward, skyward shot from Messi Mk II.
  • 49'
    And Alba this time does the hard work in his own area, rising like a giant to cut out a PSG cross.
  • 47'
    Alba gets to the byline well and tries the cross, but the giant boot of Alex deflects for a corner.
  • 47'
    PSG start with two fouls inside 30 seconds, Jallet and Zlatan the naughty offenders. This is going to be intense.
  • 46'
    It's the Blaugrana this time who get us underway, 45 minutes to decide the destiny of this tie. Do. Not. Go. Anywhere.
  • Keep those predictions coming guys. You already have mine: Barca to win, and the robots to destroy us all.
  • By the way, did anyone see the robot keeper save Messi's penalties the other day? He was laughing, but if even the little wizard can't beat our metallic friends I fear a robot takeover is imminent. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • So what do we think then good people? Will we be seeing Messi enter soon into a Barca team which hasn't quite convinced so far?
  • And we're done for the first 45 minutes. Plenty of attacking play, plenty of shots, most of them poor, and no goals. 2-2 on aggregate, and if nothing changes today's host will be going through.
  • 45' + 1'
    Ooooh so close to breaking for Cesc!!! Iniesta's pass takes a couple of kind deflections and almost falls for today's Messi replacement, but his reactions are slow and it runs for a corner. No joy either from the kick.
  • 45'
    Between the two Barca and PSG have mustered 20 attempts on goal in this first half. So why has there been almost no danger of anyone getting on the scoresheet. So far they've had the marksmanship skills of Star Wars stormtroopers.
  • 43'
    No compatriot love there!!! Lucas is on the ball, until he is poleaxed by a devastating Adriano tackle. The left back's yellow earns him a ban, but the two are all hugs in the end.
  • 42'
    Yellow Card Adriano
  • 42'
    Give the ballboys a break guys!! Come on, seriously. Fabregas takes the shot on himself from just outside the area and it doesn't quite reach row Z, but at least Q or R.
  • 40'
    Ooooooooooooh Flaco!!! A delightful, sumptuous, delicate through ball from Pastore comes so close to finding Zlatan free in the area. Valdes though was quick as a flash, and comes out well to smother.
  • 39'
    There's been plenty of shots in this half, but generally they've gone in every direction except goalbound. An off-balance Villa is the next to put the fans behind the net through their paces, as he kindly gives them the ball.
  • 37'
    Thanks to Uefa for this stat: "PSG are on average 6cm taller per man than Barca". Throw on Messi, please, and let the giant redress the balance.
  • 36'
    Villaaaaaaa!!! The attacker bamboozles Jallet out wide, puts the cross in and... No-ones home. Not a soul. Nadie. Another offensive goes awry.
  • 35'
    Uffff. Alex was arriving through the middle and jumped as if using some sort of invisible trampoline, but the ball was just too high (it was about 20 metres off the ground) and grazes his head to roll away from danger.
  • 34'
    Nicely done again Lucas & Pastore. The Argentine breaks through the middle, Lucas hasn't got much space from his pass but plays it off the defender for a corner.
  • 33'
    Dani Alves came off for a knock and is screaming, manically to come back on. Here he comes, an ironic applause for the ref and the Camp Nou, rather ironically too, explodes in delight. That was odd.
  • 31'
    Here we go, sensible stuff from the Cules. They're going to knock the ball around a bit and calm down, not a bad plan.
  • 29'
    Barca's defence here doing a canny impression of a leaky bucket. Zlatan lifts the cross up and Lucas is there to meet, blissfully unmarked. Valdes saves well, and gets up again to deny Alex from the corner!!!
  • 27'
    Pastore's having a great game so far, he strides forward like the gazelle he is and lets in Lavezzi down the left. Eze, however, cannot find the cross.
  • 26'
    Ibra will most likely not be too pleased with his partner there, it was an inspired ball across the deck from the Swede that set him up.
  • 25'
    LAVEZZI! LAVEZZI!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING LAVEZZI!!!! The forward had the lead at his mercy, clean through with Valdes. The shot thought was weaker than a paper skyscraper and Barca are pardoned, oh my.
  • 23'
    Ooh Dani Alves is vexed. The Brazilian had moved forward on the overlap but the ball from Busquets was ugly and out for a goal kick.
  • 22'
    Pedro Pedro Pedroooo... The winger punches a hole down the left, puts in a cross which is palmed out by the PSG keeper. He picks up the rebound and slams into the side netting, close there.
  • 21'
    Great stuff from Lucas, he turns on the motors and steams past his marker in a dangerous area. The Brazilian tries a one-two with Lavezzi, but the return pass is awful and out for a goal kick.
  • 20'
    Incidentally, Is it just me or does Zlatan look like a creepy, Children of the Cornesque 12-year-old schoolgirl with that ponytail? Just a thought.
  • 19'
    Lucas has got a big boot on him, and he shows it off again after being fed by Zlatan. Fortunately for Barca, it's well over the bar.
  • 17'
    Alves makes space on the right, a low cross which finds a well-marked Villa. David takes it first time, catches a boot and wins the corner.
  • 16'
    Lavezziiiiiiiiii. The striker combines with his compatriot Pastore and makes spaces on the edge of the box, but his effort reaches the upper tiers of the imposing Camp Nou. Disappointing.
  • 14'
    Maxwell to Pastore out on the left, a slow build-up across the pitch and over to Lucas who smashes in from deep. Valdes is down well, and holds.
  • 13'
    Some decent pressure there from Barca while I took that little pop detour, Fabregas and Pedro both having shots blocked. This is going to be hectic from start to finish I reckon.
  • 12'
    Of course whatever we think of Pique on the pitch, there is one indisputable fact: he has a baby with Shakira. You have my respect sir.
  • 11'
    Oh dear Gerard, a gift of a pass to a white shirt but PSG can't capitalise. After a fairly insane first 10 minutes, something approaching normal rhythm is descending over this one.
  • 9'
    Nothing happening there though, Xavi lobs short, Pique tries some sort of heel which fails miserably and it's out for a goal kick.
  • 8'
    Iniesta and Fabregas do well on the edge of the area, Andres ends up with the ball and he has an inch of space... blocked for a corner.
  • 8'
    Cesc has it on the edge of the area, he shapes to shoot but at the release he's clipped from behind by Motta and it goes wide. He wants a foul, but he's not getting one.
  • 7'
    Hang on guys!!! Another dangerous free kick here, it'll be Xavi again. No, Villa takes it after a feint, but it's into the wall.
  • 6'
    Almost Pedro, who runs on to Busquet's deep pass but he's fractionally offside.
  • 5'
    These players are barely giving me a moment to catch up! Lavezzi chases a long ball down the middle but Pique gets over to cover, passing back to Valdes to clear.
  • 4'
    Oh dear Alex, that's the second ball you've given away already in your own half. Luckily it's pardoned as PSG win the free-kick, but it's suicide to surrender possession like that against Barca.
  • 3'
    Pastore, Zlatan and Lavezzi combine up the other end straight from the goal kick, Ezequiel tries his luck from the left but Valdes palms it down easily.
  • 3'
    It's Xavi, Xavi, Xavi and..... GOOOOOO... NO!!!!!! My word, I thought that was in and so did the Camp Nou. Millimetres wide from the captain.
  • 2'
    Ooh PSG are sloppy there, giving the ball away and Cesc is pulled down outside the box. Who will step up for the kick?
  • 1'
    And we're off!! PSG get us started in Catalunya, let's goooooo!!
  • Personally, and recklessly sticking my neck out, I can see a 2-1 win for Barca. Ducking for cover now.
  • Any predictions or thoughts before the game cluttering up your brains? Get them out of there and on to us, I'm on twitter @DanEdwardsGoal.
  • PSG, meanwhile, start with no less than three ex-Cules in their first XI, Zlatan joined by Thiago Motta and Maxwell. No room for a former Madrid star though; David Beckham starts on the bench.
  • That's right, everyone's favourite little left-footed Argentine No. 10 who isn't Diego Maradona is missing, but he does make the bench. The onus falls on Cesc Fabregas to fill the void as the false 9 for tonight.
  • And now for the Parisians... Sirigu; Jallet, Thiago Silva, Alex, Maxwell; Motta, Verratti, Lucas Moura; Pastore, Lavezzi, Ibrahimovic.
  • Barcelona first up then... Valdes; Dani, Pique, Alba, Adriano; Busquets, Xavi, Pedro, Fabregas, Villa.
  • After a 2-2 draw last time round, there is everything to play for in this decisive leg. Team news coming up, including the one player you'll all want to know about. My names Daniel Edwards, if you were wondering, a pleasure to be here.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to what we are sure will be a riveting game. It's Champions League time at the Camp Nou, and Barcelona will be hosting Paris Saint-Germain in a straight battle to make the semi-finals.