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Spain celebrate historic triumph - Follow the Euro 2012 aftermath LIVE!
Vicente del Bosque's side broke slews of records by beating Italy 4-0 in the Kiev final. Follow all the reaction, news and debate with Goal.com as we look back at the tournament - and get involved on Twitter and Facebook.

Hosted by Matt Scott

21:00 BST


The end is here! It's been a monumental month. We've had highs and lows, but more highs (I hope).

I've been Matt Scott. This has been Euro 2012. Thanks!

20:56 BST


It's time for Pepe Reina's speech. Remember the last one where he made a divvy out of Cesc Fabregas?

20:53 BST


Apparently not many people are paying attention to the 'Rock/Rumba'. Not surprising really considering there's 23 idols knocking about.

20:51 BST


The party goes on, now 'Rock/Rumba' group Estopa have taken to the stage and are dealing out their audible delights.

20:43 BST


The players are bathing in beer and champagne and jumping around like there's no tomorrow. They're aware how huge their achievements are.

20:41 BST


That's a crowd.

20:40 BST


Xavi to TVE: "I'm happy for all these people, for ourselves also, I think it deserved the win, we have made history and we are delighted."

Juan Mata: "Xavi is an example for all young people of Spanish football, I hope to continue for a long time."

20:37 BST


"At an estimate, I believe that more than half a million fans are here. Certainly, more people than when glory in South Africa was won.

"Players do not stop jumping on the bus. Today anything goes. Cesc and Navas have not stopped jumping.

"The speaker welcomes the players. The players can not even believe it. CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS, is the rallying cry. A unique experience.

"Piqué hoists the cup up to the sky. People will not stop cheering for the champions."

20:27 BST


Juan Lirman: "After hours of waiting the players have arrived at the Cibeles, which has been illuminated red and yellow. Now the party will start."

20:20 BST


Juan Lirman: "Cesc Fabregas is recording absolutely everything. Casillas lifts the trophy to heaven while the crowd chant 'Iker! Iker!' towards their captain."

20:13 BST


Sergio Ramos has taken over as DJ with his iPod blasting out the tunes. The defender is busting some serious shapes on the bus, and has presumably been told to stay away from the trophy.

20:10 BST


"The sun has dropped a bit but it is still a very warm evening. Right now, about a mile separates the international de Cibeles. To pass the time, Alvaro Arbeloa has shared his Spiderman impression by climbing outside of the bus."

Hopefully we'll have some photographic evidence of that shortly, sounds a bit dangerous.

20:08 BST


Juan Lirman: "It is so incredible that the bus is not even yet at Puerta de Alcalá. We have never seen anything like it, even in the World Cup. The bus arrives at the Circle of Fine Arts, it will still be some time before it reaches its destination."

20:03 BST


Cibeles square awaits the players. That's a lorra lorra people.

20:01 BST


The president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, has been wearing the colours of the team and come out to a balcony on Gran Via to welcome the champions.

19:57 BST


Juan Lirman describes the parade as a "red tide" passing through the streets of Madrid. Lovely.

19:53 BST


More scenes!

19:41 BST


Scenes! Courtesy of Gerard Pique.

19:37 BST


The champagne showers continue in Madrid. This time Iker Casillas has drenched Alvaro Arbeloa in bubbly. It's almost as though they're having a good time...

19:33 BST


Juan Lirman: "The parade is incredibly slow, if it carries on at this rate we may not reach Cibeles until tomorrow."