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AC Milan v Barcelona, Marseille v Bayern Munich - follow the Champions League LIVE!
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And with that ladies and gentlemen, I must bid you adieu. Thank you so much for your company tonight and Twitter contributions. 

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Remember to keep tweeting us on @GoalUK and check back for tomorrow's LIVE action.

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Next up we've got player ratings from our match. Do you agree with these?

Milan 0-0 Barcelona ratings.

Marseille 0-2 Bayern Munich ratings.

Let us know your thoughts!

22:32 BST


Some thoughts from you now.

Liam Townsend says: "bayern get less plaudits than barca, but have looked more impressive on a consistent basis & have lots of home-grown players."

Whilst Opeoluwa Semasa opines: "Barca had the game but Milan has the edge on the tie. I doubt a Milan loss at Nou Camp."

And this my personal favourite. Is it time for Lionel Messi to leave Barca, asks Saiid K: "I think after failing to shine against milan (if people will admit) (+inter 2010) messi really needs to be tested in other leagues"

Tweet us your thoughts at @GoalUK

22:19 BST


Elsewhere, Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery told Sky: "It´s a very good situation for us. The result is perfect, better than a 0-0 or a 1-0. We've played with a lot of discipline and earned the victory. It´s always difficult for me to play in France. But now I play for Bayern Munich that´s a great family for me. I am here for five years. I feel very well, everything is perfect for me."

Whilst Marseille coach Didier Deschamps told TF1: "Its very complicated to lose 2-0 in the first leg. There is a lot of quality in this Bayern side which has an impressive attack. This goal just before the break hurt us even if they had very few chances. But it is the strength of the great teams"

22:15 BST


Reaction from San Siro now, where Milan's players were pretty buoyant about their chances in the second leg.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
told Sky: "We had some opportunities but unfortunately we were not able to score. However, this result is very good for us, I am very optimistic for second match"

Meanwhile, Urby Emmanuelson told NOS: "My appearance was a bit unlucky. In my first action I could score but forgot the ball. That can happen. I know that was a very imporant moment, but what can I do about it right now after the match? Let's try better next time. I think we do get chances next week. Barcelona always play their own game, so we have oppurtunities. How Messi played tonight? He's Messi. He's always dangerous and never plays a bad match. We're glad he did not score tonight."

21:58 BST



Milan 0-0 Barcelona here.

Marseille 0-2 Bayern Munich here.


21:47 BST


Some reaction from the grounds now.

Sergio Stanco at San Siro: "Milan did their best and, though they had the opportunity to score, winning would have been too much. Ibrahimovic failed again, but that is no surprise anymore. Nobody before the match would have bet on 0-0 which is not the worst result for anybody, but it's surely not good for Milan. Miracles sometimes happen, but they are very rare otherwise they would not be called such."

Laetitia Jacquesson at Stade Velodrome: "Many Marseille fans have already left the stands. Those remaining are booing their own players severely. Deschamps' men are leaving the field with their heads down whilst the Bayern players are celebrating with their fans."

21:41 BST


RIGHT THEN, full-time scores are in:

Milan 0-0 Barcelona.

Marseille 0-2 Bayern Munich.

Match reports on their way my friends.

21:34 BST


There have now been seven yellow cards in Marseille's clash with Bayern Munich. It might be ill-tempered but at least it has goals....yes, Barca/Milan, we're looking at you.

21:31 BST


ACTION. Messi is denied from a tight angle by Abbiati before Tello fails to squeeze the follow-up in. Moments later the Argentine genius tumbles in the box but rises immediately to shake the hand of Bonera when no penalty is given. We're running out of time here...

21:26 BST


Shan has just tweeted us: "Lovin this livefeed at work #milanbarca" and, because flattery will get you everywhere, it has made the Goal.com pages.

Keep getting in touch, we've still got ten minutes to hope for a goal in this match. Who knows, Bayern might even add a third in France too.

21:19 BST


Laetitia Jacquesson, from Stade Vélodrome after the second goal : "Big contrast here between the German fans, who cannot stop singing, and the silent majority of Marseille supporters."

21:15 BST


Big, big mountain for Marseille to climb now as they go 2-0 down thanks to Arjen Robben's goal. The Dutchman played a wonderful one-two with Muller before sliding the ball home. 

21:10 BST


And for Milan, Urby Emmanuelson replaces Boateng and then immediately gets played through on goal only for his touch to desert him and the chance to go begging. Frustrating.

21:08 BST


Marseille starting to dominate now in France and they'll need a goal in this leg you feel to give themselves a chance travelling to Bayern

Meanwhile, at San Siro, Iniesta has made way for Tello. Cue everyone singing, "Tello.....is it me you're looking for?"

20:58 BST


From Martin Langer: "There's a big board in the Barcelona stand that reads: 'Abi, t'estimem, Abi, ànim.'"

Or, for non-Spanish speakers: "Abi, we love you, come on Abi." A touching reference to Eric Abidal.

20:55 BST


More action shots now but, sadly, on the pitch not much action. Lionel Messi accidentally clattering Clarence Seedorf about as good as it has got so far.

20:46 BST


Well, we're back under way in both games now. Remember to tweet your thoughts on the matches to @GoalUK

20:41 BST


I'm hearing that second-choice Marseille goalkeeper Andrade might have been slightly culpable for that Bayern goal.

Deschamps might be slightly regretting that decision then...

20:35 BST


WE HAVE A GOAL PEOPLE! Bayern Munich grab a crucial away strike in Marseille and it is none other than Mario Gomez who slots away Arjen Robben's through ball. Everything that man touches turns to goals, I reckon.

Laetitia at the ground: "Bayern fans exploded in joy after the goal. They jumped and sang and shouted altogether. They even ignited a new flare."

Any chance he could fly over to Milan now the half is up?