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Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan, Birmingham 0-2 Chelsea - Follow the Champions League & FA Cup LIVE!
With Ryan Benson

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23:59 GMT


Right, I think we will call it a day there as midnight approaches and hunger overcomes me intensely.

Thanks very much for joining me this evening. Hope it wasn't too much of a drag and I also hope you join me next time!

Feel free to find me on Twitter via @RyRyBenson.

Take care folks!

23:50 GMT


A few people seem encouraged by the start Roberto Di Matteo made as Chelsea manager tonight, with a couple of people suggesting they'd be fine with him taking over permanently.

Connor Brosnan said: "Put it this way...I wouldn't say no. Jose [Mourinho] or Pep [Guardiola] preferably, but RDM wouldn't be bad!"

Kunle Mikel Fayehun
agreed with Connor, but added: "man management is key when dealing with chelsea. They have the top players, managing them is the big job!"

23:43 GMT


Of course, it isn't all about Arsenal tonight. Chelsea also won this evening, beating Birmingham in the FA Cup for Roberto Di Matteo's first game in charge.

Any Chelsea fans out there that would like to see the Italian in charge permanently? I know it is a bit early in his reign, but still. Get in touch on Twitter via @GoalUK.

23:34 GMT


Many, many people are telling me to look back to how good Wayne Rooney was at 18 years of age, and then comparing him with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Well, at the age of 18, Rooney scored a hat-trick on his Champions League debut, solidified himself as a key player in a Premier League-winning Manchester United team, scoring 17 goals in all competitions.

23:28 GMT


Finding the views of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's potential very surprising. Didn't expect so many people to truly believe that he'll get as good as Wayne Rooney.

I even had one person suggest he'll get as good as Thierry Henry. Personally, I don't think he'll ever be on Wayne Rooney's level, certainly not as much of a complete player as the Manchester United striker, but I guess time will tell!

23:20 GMT


Yacr played on an over-used joke, suggesting that Oxlade-Chamberlain will be better than Andy Carroll, although, that is probably a given.

However, Nick Valerio had to put a downer on things, saying: "[his potential is] Exaggerated. I don't believe you can compare players unless they play in the same position."

For what it is worth, I think I agree with Nick. He will be a brilliant player, no doubt, but Wayne Rooney will be marked down as an all-time England great, whereas I'm not so sure about 'The Ox', but he is still only 18. Plenty of time yet!

23:17 GMT


Many of you are really excited by Oxlade Chamberlain. Peter Ojur reckons he good be as good as Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, as does Debbie Kweve, but Leon Moleko believes he could be even better than the England star.

23:09 GMT


Well, you're all in agreement that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is on his way to becoming a special player. Munene tweeted: "Very good. Infact, extremely good."

Kaycee Chibueze said: "he is already giving Walcot a run for his money and very soon, he'd be one of the hottest properties in football" and Temitayo Ajose said: "He's good no doubt."

23:01 GMT


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had yet another good game for Arsenal tonight, with AC Milan having little answer for him.

But just how good do you think he could be? Get in touch on Twitter via @GoalUK.

22:56 GMT


The general consensus is that the lack of progression in the Champions League could help Arsenal out in the Premier League, potentially holding them in good stead for a top four finish.

But of course they'll be pushed all the way by the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham and others.

22:47 GMT


Well, you've already given me some encouraging feedback. Kaycee Chibueze doesn't believe tonight's knockout will help Arsenal get a better finish in the Premier League, while Kingsley Bright and Isaiah Obeisun think it will help them.

22:43 GMT


So, what do you make of the Arsenal knockout? Think the fact that they are out will help them get a better finish in the Premier League, or will it have the opposite effect?

Let us know on Twitter, via @GoalUK.

22:35 GMT


And now, with much focus being on the Arsenal - AC Milan tie, find out what happened between Benfica and Zenit St. Petersburg in Lisbon in our match report.

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22:28 GMT


And now for the Chelsea ratings. Juan Mata impressed for the visitors, while Curtis Davies was poor for the hosts.

You know what to do. Click 'read more' for the rest of the ratings.
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22:21 GMT


Next up, the Chelsea match report. Roberto Di Matteo took charge of his first match for the Blues and steered them to a 2-0 win over Championship side Birmingham City at St. Andrews.

Want to read it? Not sure why I ask, because of course you do! Click 'read more' to find the report.Read More

22:14 GMT


Arsene Wenger has been speaking since the end of the match. Talking to Sky Sports, he said: "We had no midfielders at all on the bench and we suffered a bit, when we got tired in the second half, to keep the ball and get them more fatigued.

"Otherwise I'm sure we would have scored two or three more goals in the second half, but we put a performance in with fantastic spirit and restored some pride after the first leg.

"We had chances throughout and we can keep our winning run going, and that is important. Unfortunately we have paid the price for the bad first game."

22:12 GMT


And now for the Player Ratings.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Tomas Rosicky and Robin van Persie all had solid games from where I was sitting, but what did Wayne Veysey think?

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22:09 GMT


So, Arsenal won on the evening, but ultimately weren't able to progress losing 4-3 on aggregate to the Italian giants.

If you missed the match report, then click 'read more'.

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22:05 GMT


Laurent Koscielny has also been talking after his respective match, admitting he is disappointed Arsenal weren't able to go through, but insists they'll be back: "Everybody did [run out of energry], but when we lost 4-0 in the first game it's difficult to come back, we want to play together for the public. I think we gave our all, everybody on the pitch, and lacked just one goal but we want to come back next year."

On his thoughts at half-time: "I think we continue to play like that we have some opportunities in the second-half, Robin [van Persie] has one but he doesn't score. It's life but we want to come back in the Champions League because it's vert nice. We love to play a game like that."

He does believe there are positives though: "Everybody fight together and help his teammates so its very important to keep that, and we won against Liverpool. We have some difficult games but we want to be in the fourth place or maybe the third."

21:58 GMT


Sam Bisby reports from St. Andrews: "A confident start to Roberto Di Matteo’s reign at Chelsea in the end. The visitors endured a staggered start after being surprised by Birmingham’s commitment to the counter-attack, but after the break soon got their act together to open the scoring, albeit in a clumsy fashion, through Juan Mata.

"Raul Meireles’ strike was a sight to behold and was a moment the midfielder looked relived to have scored and will boost both his confidence and his chances of some more first-team action.

"The hosts however should be proud of their efforts and certainly put up a fight, perhaps a little unlucky in the first-half not to have got a goal of their own, but a lack of clinical prowess in front of the net let them down in the end, with later efforts not finding their target when it could have been easier to test Petr Cech."