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Manchester United to sack David Moyes - LIVE
We bring you the latest following the news that David Moyes is set to be sacked by Manchester United. Where did it all go wrong?

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Hosted by Sam Lee

18:20 BST


I think that's probably a good place to leave this blog-based madness for this evening.

Since the first rumours surfaced early this afternoon all of us at Goal UK have been working hard to dig up a wealth of information to bring you the very latest from Old Trafford, so let me leave you with our news:

Moyes to be sacked as Manchester United manager

Manchester United make Klopp No.1 choice to replace Moyes

Stay tuned to Goal for more reaction and breaking news surrounding the developing situation at Manchester United.

18:11 BST


Conclusive early results in our poll: Jurgen Klopp leads Louis van Gaal 78.3% to 21.7%.

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18:04 BST


The word on the tweet:

@johntan101: Klopp one of the best choices to replace Moyes. Just hope he brings along Marco Reus!

18:01 BST


But what of Louis van Gaal? From our very own Greg Stobart...

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We have ANOTHER big update on the Manchester United situation coming up in the next five minutes....

17:37 BST


An interesting poser asked on Twitter...

manutd twitter account hasn't twitted any thing since 6 hours, what does it mean ??? #MUFC

We don't have the answer, sadly. However, as far as Manchester United are concerned they have of course denied that David Moyes has already been sacked, but what they have not denied is that he will be sacked.

Last time they told us similar was back in January, when the club denied media reports that United would sign Juan Mata. At the time, the club said they had not made a bid, but not that they would not make a bid. How did that one turn out?

17:29 BST


So, did United miss the boat by not getting Mourinho last summer?

@DSanchez_8: of course, I think he has now matured to stay at a club for more than 3 years

@Bsatyaki: yeah they did. So much for continuity n all that when the guy himself doesn't have it

: yes,he would have been a better option....Moyes should be allowed to go.

17:25 BST


While we receive your full fury regarding Jose Mourinho, here is our betting guide to the next Manchester United manager...

Just click here if you fancy a flutter

17:22 BST


Did Manchester United miss the boat last summer by not recruiting Jose Mourinho? Send us your thoughts

17:11 BST


Who could have imagined just over a year ago that Sir Alex Ferguson's handpicked replacement would be out on his ear before his first season was over?

But what everybody seems to agree on now is that the handover process was deeply flawed. This time around, United must get it right.

Louis van Gaal is a popular choice with fans, but does he offer the continuity that Moyes was supposed to provide?

Jurgen Klopp seems to be the man to bring character, success and longevity to Old Trafford, but can he be persuaded to leave Borussia Dortmund?

16:59 BST


Whoever is being lined up to replace Moyes, Manchester United simply must attract a big name to Old Trafford.

With anywhere between £100m-£200m to spend on new players, the Red Devils will need a proven winner to bring in around six or seven top-class players. It's not going to be easy!

16:55 BST


Wayne's story tells us that Ryan Giggs will take over from David Moyes until the end of the season.

Back in March we pondered that eventuality after it came to light that Giggs and Moyes did not exactly see eye to eye at Carrington.

Our Special Report is here

16:50 BST


So here it is. Goal's chief correspondent, Wayne Veysey, has done his digging and discovered that Manchester United will sack David Moyes "imminently".

Click here for the full story

16:40 BST


Our update on the David Moyes situation is coming up very shortly.

Stand by...

16:35 BST


This may not have been popular with all Manchester United fans but it certainly got the message across from those who were unhappy

16:29 BST


I think everybody can agree that today, and indeed the whole season, has been a mess.

But it's harder to ascertain exactly who is at fault for said mess.

Following the 3-0 defeat to Manchester City in March, this is how you voted

It's the closest poll we've ever done!

16:23 BST


Even with Simeone's cagey response ahead of his club's Champions League clash with Chelsea tomorrow, he seems to be a popular candidate among fans to take over from Moyes.

ganjer planter ‏@kempype: for me I would go for Jurgen klopp or Diego simeone

Sir Omarsteen ‏@omarkhaledaly: diego simeone , although i hope moyes doesnt get sacked.

alig8766 ‏@alig8766: Carlos Quiroz ! Who will be free after World Cup & also have been in @ManUtd before & knows the philosophy & spirit of the club!

mdudu ‏@Issamody23: i think van gaal

But the vast majority of replies are in favour of Borussia Dortmund's Jurgen Klopp. We may have some news on the German very soon...

16:20 BST


Once again, things are moving quickly here, too quickly to type!

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has been asked about the potentially vacant Manchester United job:

"With all respect to the question, we have an important match tomorrow which don't let me think about this."

Did you expect much more?!