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Bet live with second-to-second intelligence

Bet live with second-to-second intelligence

With all the pre-match stats available out there, you should consider utilizing live in-play betting where ultra-fast data is available at your disposal, giving you the edge.

Open a free account with William Hill and score yourself up to $100 in free betting bonuses. 

Live betting is a rapidly growing sector in Canadian online gaming. Instead of having to rush to the local store and fill out a parlay paper slip, hordes of bettors are making the switch over to in-play betting where they can watch matches, listen to betting tips from a radio commentary team, and gain access to instant stats.

Unlike television where only select games are broadcast, William Hill covers an overwhelming majority of games in tons of international leagues through their in-play portion.

Simply clck on the in-play section in the menu bar and then pick the game you wish to follow. It doesn't even have to be soccer. There is plenty of basketball, ice hockey, tennis, NFL, and a whole buffet of other options available.

Once you find the game you want to explore you'll be able to access the starting lineups, which always helps when making correct goal scorer selections.

The statistics tab opens up real time information that is key to betting on a match. Everything from shots missed, shots on target, fouls, throw-ins and several others, helps tell the tale of how a match is playing out, which ultimately helps you make the most intelligent wagers.

The commentary feature is an incredibly valuable tool that is set up in a very clear way that describes what exactly is happening on the field. If a team has a 'dangerous attack', it is threatening the opposition's goal area whereas a 'safe' command means that there is no immediate threat of a goal. It includes all cards issued as well as free kick placements.

If you click on the radio section you can get tips and stat updates from a team of experienced commentators that can often lead you to other matches that present betting opportunities.

The best part? It doesn't cost a dime. So go to William Hill now and try it out.