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Goal Canada's Predict and Bet

Goal Canada's Predict and Bet


With the exception of that one really smart kid in school, nobody likes doing math. So put down the tiny calculator and try out Goal Canada's Predict and Bet section.

Bet now and take advantage of a holiday deal from William Hill, where you can land a $100 betting bonus.

Instead of trying to punch in numbers on your smart phone's calculator, head to the Goal Canada's main betting section (hint: you're already here), and then scroll down to the right hand side of the screen where you will find the Predict and Bet section.

A featured game will show up and you can predict the score and at the same time get the precise odds of that match in the 1x2 market (home-tie-visitor) instantly.

Your prediction will be cast along with all other Goal readers and you'll also see the top three predictions right below it as well.

But toggle the dollar wagered and you'll instantly find out how much you could win with the amount you want to bet with. It's reallly swift, easy and handy to use if you are in front of the computer.

Go try it out the Predict and Bet section now and whenever you have the big game of the day, you'll save yourself a bit of time and calculation work.