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Live in play betting: Save time and money

Live in play betting: Save time and money

The holiday season is filled with rushing everywhere but instead of darting to your local convenience store to place a wager definitely consider betting live during the game.

Bet now and take advantage of a holiday deal from William Hill, where you can land a $100 betting bonus.

With snow and ice covering almost every inch of concrete acros the country right now why would you feel the need to trek outside and being forced to place your wagers before kickoff?

Make it easy for yourself by staying inside your cozy, warm livingroom or office and bet at any time during the game you want, not just before kickoff. 

If you bet on sports of any kind, whether it be soccer, hockey, football, you can hit up William Hill's website and check out live in play betting. There are no pencils and paper, no more waiting in line, and no more finding a parking spot. Just the games you want to bet on, when you want to bet on them.

How it works is you simply click on the in play betting tab in the upper left corner of the home page and you'll see a slew of matches in a variety of sports that is available to be wagered on during the game itself.

Often, William Hill has hordes of games available to actually watch for free, being the official betting partner of the English FA allows them the online betting rights to some of these matches.

When the game isn't broadcast you can still follow the action via the fantastic pitch map which shows to the second where the ball is on the pitch and exactly what is happening.

Additionally, the live in play section shows you the team starting lineups as well as providing live statistics so you know who has been issued a red card and how many shots on target a team has, as it happens.

There are usually a lot more more markets available to bet on live in play and the odds constantly change so it truly makes it an exciting time if you are following the game.

Go check out for free today and the next time you get the urge to head to the corner store, think about why you are wasting your time and money when the online world provides you with unparalled convenience and superior odds.