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Who will be drawn with Brazil?

Who will be drawn with Brazil?

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The FIFA World Cup draw is just around the corner and William Hill has the odds for the draw available right now. Here are the odds for who will draw Brazil from each pot.

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It's the team nobody wants to be drawn with. When the balls are starting to be plucked from the pots, everyone will be quietly whispering under their collective breath to avoid being in the same group as Brazil. The tournament hosts are also the favourites to win next year's FIFA World Cup, and we will find out in under two days who will be grouped with them.

William Hill has compiled the odds of which teams will be paired with the Seleção. Keep in mind that these pots are named A-D and not 1-4 like FIFA has. Reasons are because of geographic factors that prevent South American teams from being grouped together, more than two UEFA nations being put in the same group, amongst other nuances from the world governing body.

Simply put, teams not listed here cannot be drawn with Brazil.

Pot C features all the African teams and most fans would be excited to see Ghana drawn with the Brazilians, except maybe Ghanians themselves. Along with the Black Stars, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Cameroon are all being offered at 5.50 to be selected for Group A.

All nine unseeded European teams come in next in pots B and D, at increased odds of 7.50. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, and Russia are eligible here. It certainly would be something if Portugal was selected to play Brazil for the second straight World Cup. They were both in the group of death in 2010, along with Didier Drogba's Ivory Coast.

The same 7.50 figure is also the listing for teams in Pot A, which features CONCACAF and AFC nations. Some pundits have Mexico slated as one of the elite teams here but after their dismal performances during qualifying, a more enjoyable pick would certainly be Japan -- which has many ex-pats living in Brazil. Filling out this pot is Australia, Costa Rica, Honduras, South Korea, the USA, and Iran.

William Hill also has odds available for England, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France.