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16-year-old debuts for Wales, lands grandfather $200,000

16-year-old debuts for Wales, lands grandfather $200,000

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You hear about these stories only once in a blue moon. Here is one very cool story about Goal Canada's partner William Hill that issued a huge payday for one Welsh grandfather.

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Harry Wilson beat out Gareth Bale to become the youngest player to suit up for the Welsh national team this past week. In the process he won his grandfather just over $200,000 (all figures in Canadian dollars after conversion).

Back in 2000 when he was two years old, Wilson's grandfather saw him chasing a soccer ball on his hands and knees which gave him the idea to place a bet worth $80 over at Goal Canada's betting partner William Hill to make the national squad.

So when Wilson subbed in off the bench in the 87th minute against Belgium on Tuesday the largest cheer certainly came from the 62-year-old electrical contractor who informed his boss that if Wilson debuted he wouldn't be coming back to work.

These bets are quite common for bookmakers as Graham Sharpe, a spokesperson for William Hill, points out.

"We've taken thousands of bets like these. We rarely have to pay out on them," he noted.