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Capitalizing on betting bonuses

Capitalizing on betting bonuses

With the government betting firms not really any real value to bettors, online companies often provide not only better odds, but also great bonus money. Here is how you cash in.

Imagine you head over to your local corner store to bet on the big game later that night (well okay, to be fair you'd have to bet on a minimum of three games considering single game betting is still unbelievably not available in Canadian stores). Next, you see the person working at cash register saying, "here is a free money bonus on top of your wager."

You would probably look at him as if he he came from another a planet.

Well, let's face it; online betting is superior in practically every aspect and one major benefit to consumers is the betting bonuses that are readily available to you to use on whichever game or games you want.

Let's take a look at the latest betting bonus from Canada's partner (formerly known as Sportsbook).

For those unfamiliar with, it is part of the Win United Limited group of companies and has strategically catered not just to the international market, but specificallly to Canadian bettors. The company is approved by the Khanawake Gaming Commission in Quebec and also utilizes excellent software from Canadian firm Chartwell Tehnologies.

Naturally, in order to land a betting bonus you have to first open an account. It is 100% free and is actually rather easy to do.

You simlply enter your basic details like name, email, age, etc., and then you go on to the deposit page. Now, there isn't a betting company on Earth that is just going to hand out free cash for nothing. So how it works is for whatever amount you deposit into your account you will receive a percentage on top as a bonus. Uwin's is a robust 25 per cent. So, if you deposit $10 you get a bonus of $2.50. If you deposit $100, you'd get $25 on top, and so on.

Uwin actually offers a bonus of up to $500, which is huge in comparison to other betting sites.

The cool thing here is that you don't only get to land a bonus for sports betting, but if you like online poker and casino games they also offer bonuses of 100 per cent for both, which is top class.

But the bonuses don't end just when you open an account. They have daily and weekly specials for all sorts of sporting events, in particular with the NFL where you often find wagers given back to bettors if a game goes into overtime. Those types of items make a bookmaker stand out from a market that is often cluterred with junk sites and shady operators.

So there you have it, a betting bonus structure that puts cash in your account for taking your business to them. For a good laugh the next time you go to your local convenience store you should ask the cashier for a 25 per cent betting bonus to get a reaction.

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