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For all those fresh to online betting (where have you been all this time?), here are the four really simple steps to making your first wager at

A lot of people in Canada bet on sports. For far too long, the majority of them have headed to their local convenience store or the lottery kiosk at the mall to make their wagers when instead they should be doing it online where they get better odds, far more choices, and doing it from the comfort of their phone, tablet or laptop.

So to introduce those fresh to the online betting sector we've put together the four easy clicks you need to place your first wager. We'll use, where new bettors can cash in on a bonus of up to $500 when they open up a free account.

1) SELECT A SPORT: All the sports are listed on the left hand side of the page. So whether you like rugby, football, golf, basketball, or love soccer like we do, has it all. They even have MMA, horse racing, snooker and hockey, though with the NHL strike you can still bet on European leagues.

2) PICK YOUR LEAGUE: Whether you prefer the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, or MLS, has it covered. The site even offers cup matches, 2nd and 3rd division games, along with international and club friendlies and all the other stuff you wish the corner store had on tap.

3) PICK YOUR GAME(S): The beauty of online betting is that you aren't a slave to parlay bets like when you bet with the government betting corporations. Pick a game or pick a bunch, it really is your choice. You also don't have to pick a winner, you can look at all sorts of props or correct scores, literally millions of combinations are available.

4) ENTER THE AMOUNT YOU WANT TO BET: Enter how much you want to bet and it'll show you how much you'd win. No punching numbers on a calculator anymore.


*Most Canadians use decimal odds (2.40 or 3.60) for sports betting. So to switch to that format, simply click settings which is on the upper righthand side of the screen and change the odds format with a click to what suits you best.

Check out's $500 betting bonus when you open up a free account!