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FIFA Futsal World Cup Final: Brazil vs. Spain

FIFA Futsal World Cup Final: Brazil vs. Spain

Colombia vs Brasil

The FIFA Futsal World Cup is the greatest championship for indoor soccer worldwide and on Sunday at 7:30am EST Spain faces Brazil for the fourth time.

For those up early on Sunday and looking for a different twist for their footy fix, go online and find a livestream for the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup Final that kicks off at 7:30am EST. You will be blown away by the action and as always you can bet live in-play as the game unfolds at

Futsal is a five-a-side game that is played on a 40 x 20 hard court. It features a low-bounce ball that allows players to truly showcases some amazing skills and a goal can be scored in the blink of an eye. There are also on-the-fly substitutions which leads to a relentless pace. A futsal match lasts 40 minutes (two halves of 20 minutes) with a stop clock and, like basketball, utilizes an accumulated foul system in which if a team concedes a sixth or subsequent foul, it is penalized with essentially a penalty shot from 10m out.

This is the sport that Messi, Ronaldo, and Pele all greatly attribute as vital to who they became. The sport is simply amazing to watch, and really a lot of fun to bet on, too.

The defending champion Brazil has won the world championship six times (four under FIFA's rule) and has played Spain in three previous Futsal World Cup title matches, including the last one that it hosted in 2008 when the Brazilians edged out the Spanish in penalties after a 2-2 score during regular play.

They are undefeated in the competition thus far, having won their group by beating Japan, Libya, and Portugal before destroying Panama, edging out Argentina, and defeating Colombia in their knockout stage matches.

The Brazilian style of play is very skillful and loose with explosive offensive weapons that would make the military jealous. The world's most famous player, Falcão, will be playing in his last World Cup match and will want to go out as a winner. He has been the tournament MVP for the last two editions and though he was out injured for over a week in this competition, he was able to comeback and lead the squad to a win over Argentina with a pair of goals to send the Samba Boys through.

A Brazil win is listed at 1.99 right now at

Spain believes it can beat Brazil, and why not? The Spaniards defeated the Brazilians for both of their World Cup titles back in 2000 and 2004, and if it wasn't for penalties in 2008 it would have been a third straight victory. They are an exceptionally athletic team that is very cohesive and follows a strict and highly effective disciplined plan from coach Venacio Lopez, who is regarded as one of the best minds in the sport.

It is also the last World Cup game for futsal demi-god Kike (pronounced kee-kay) as the captain and soul of the team led the Spaniards to two previous titles and also through Iran, Panama, and Morocco in the group stages before disposing of hosts Thailand, a brutally tough Russian team, and a dominating 4-1 win over Italy in the semis.

A Spanish win here is going for 2.72 in regulation time, which is a bit surprising given just how good this side has looked.

If at the end of 40 minutes there is no winner, then bookies will consider it a draw which is what happened last time these two sides played at this exact stage. The payout for a repeat is at 4.55, which is something I would definitely consider.

The over/under sees 4.5 as the mark with the odds for over at 1.73 and the under at 1.99. It's a tough one, but if it goes to extra time I do like the over. In their prior three meetings in the final, Brazil and Spain combined for 10, 7, and 4.

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