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We’ve already spoken in-depth about the numerous advantages of betting online versus going to the corner store so here we discuss the massive popularity of live in-play betting.

The last decade has seen an enormous change in the betting patterns of Canadians due to techolgical advances. Remember the dreadful days of having to rush over to the local convenience store to place wagers before kickoff and being forced to pick parlays in the process? Yes, I too, am cringing just thinking about it.

But thanks to the glorious advent of the Internet, the floodgates of options have been opened.

One of the most popular advances of online betting is the live in-play sector. Thanks to the widespread international use of cell phones and PDA’s and hi-speed Internet, we are no longer forced to make our picks before the game starts and can now thoroughly enjoy placing wagers as the action unfolds.

When you open an account with a reputable bookmaker, such as England-based, you can simply click the section titled In-Play Betting and see a wide-ranging list of sports, matches, and specific items that you can bet on live.

Soccer is the by far the most popular sport for in-play betting, but it definitely isn’t the only other option. Tennis, NFL, NHL, basketball, are all vastly popular sports and leagues for live betting, while others such as baseball and MMA are quickly emerging in the marketplace.

The options in the actual match are also in abundance. You can place bets on the usual home-draw-away picks or you can enjoy the spice of life with picking wagers such as who will land the most corner kicks, accumulate the most cards, will score the next goal among a slew of others.

A major benefit of betting live, of course, the fact that the odds change throughout the course of a game. No matter how stacked a team is, nothing ruins or enhances a chance to win a game like an injury to a key player or the issuing of a red card, and when that happens, odds can drastically alter in a blink.

With many free fantastic mobile and tablet apps now widely available, you can sit in front of your TV or laptop or even while at the pub while watching a game and place wagers with an easy flick of your thumb as the game progresses.

If you've never tried betting live during a match, give it a shot and enjoy the thrill.

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