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The Mouse is mightier than the Pencil: Part Two

The Mouse is mightier than the Pencil: Part Two

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Multiple bet offerings and deposit/withdrawal options exist in today's online betting marketplace which tremendously benefit your bottom line.

When it comes to betting, technology is your friend. Yesterday in Part One we discussed three major benefits of leaving the archaic method of local store betting and moving into the 21st century by going online. As if you need anymore reason to move forward, here are a few more:

#4: No more forced parlay bets: Have you ever picked two of three winners on a betting slip from your corner store, only to lose out on that third game and be left feeling  frustrated? You're not alone.

With online betting you are free from the shackles of the forced parlay. Instead, you can bet on a single game or proposition (props).

Imagine being able to pick which players will score, when they will score, what the halftime score will be, if the goal will be from a header or off a corner, etc. The possibilities are endless. In fact, reputable online bookmakers are offering customers a chance to request a bet if they don't see an offering they like.

Want to bet that Messi scores a hat-trick against Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final first leg? If they don't have that bet available, chances are you can call toll-free and request it. If the request is accepted, you'll often see the offering up there in as early as 30 minutes.

Now that's service.

#5: Bet during the game: Long gone are the days where you have to rush to the smoke shop with minutes to spare to get in your picks. When you bet online, you can place wagers before or during the match from the comfort of your living room, or anywhere else with Internet access for that matter.

This is known worldwide as in-play betting and it is without question one of the most exciting ways to bet on sports. No matter how many numbers you try to crunch before kickoff, the fact is that whether an early goal is scored, a star player gets carted of the pitch, or a red card is issued, odds change to the second and you have the ability to bet as the action unfolds.

In-play betting makes sports much more exciting to watch and many companies offer to the second matchtickers with some even offering free, high-quality live streams of matches to their customers, which is a huge bonus.

#6: Increased convenience: With the amount of technology we have at our disposal, the pencil and paper method of betting is long outdated.

Today, you can bet with ease on your computer, tablet, and, yes, even your cell phone, with numerous apps out there specifically designed for betting. Ladbrokes offers great apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia and others.

Imagine sitting around wathcing the big game with your friends and then pulling out your phone to place a wager. You'll look quite tech savvy as well as an educated bettor. But what if the internet is down? Easy. You can usually call in your bets to a toll-free number at any time of day or night.

#7: Eliminating the tie: If you're like many people and hate draws in soccer, welcome to the Asian Handicap bet. Essentially an AH is a spread bet that you see often in American football or basketball and is one of the most popular types of bets in the world. It eliminates the draw option while giving a handicap to the underdog which you then pick either the home or away team to win. Of course, taking 1/3rd of the equation reduces the payout but know that there will be a victor.

At Goal Betting we will look at Asian Handicap bets very often and you should, too.

#8: Multiple deposit and withdraw options: A few people still have the misconception that online bookmakers are shady folks lurking in dark basements just waiting to take your money and run.

But the reality is, reputable bookmakers are highly regulated companies that play within strict government guidelines. The industry is so cutthroat that customer service from online bookmakers is among the most outstanding in any industry in the world.

Now make no mistake, there are the few out there that are less than credible, but if you join a firm like Ladbrokes you know you are partnering with a UK-based organization that is publically traded on the London Stock Exchange.

One way a company like Ladbrokes makes things easier for you is with their deposit and withdrawal options. You can easily deposit via VISA or Mastercard, bank transfer, through online desposit companies like Ukash or Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), and amazingly now with your debit card through Instadebit.

So there you have it, eight solid reasons why online betting is far superior than betting at your local corner store. If you're ready to try it out why not cash in right from the start with a free $50 bonus bet courtesy of Ladbrokes? The betting world is yours, now go on and seize it.


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