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The Mouse is mightier than the Pencil: Part One

The Mouse is mightier than the Pencil: Part One

Understanding the overwhelming value of online betting versus government-owned betting corporations will earn you more money and give you a vast amount of options to feast on.

Understanding the overwhelming value of online betting versus the government-owned betting corporations will earn you more money and give you an unbelievable amount of options to feast on. When cell phone usage first exploded in the 1990's, they were cool, fresh, and exciting. But as with everything else, they evolved. Would you use a cell phone from 1995 in today's marketplace? Of course not. So why would you continue to bet the same way as it was done in the 90's?

As with the proliferation of mobile phone usage, sports betting also became popularized among Canadians in the 90's. Back then, a bettor could head to his local corner store and - similar to the way he'd buy a lottery ticket - fill out a slip with the picks of the day.

He could pick a parlay bet by selecting a minimum of any three outcomes (two in B.C.) and wager anywhere between $2-$100, get the ticket, and then clench it in his fist as he later praised or cursed at his TV.

Well as fun it that used to be, the advent of the Internet has, thankfully, dramatically improved betting standards for all Canadians. So it is that much more surprising that people still haven't caught on to the benefits of betting online. We work, communicate with family and friends, and watch TV all online, so why would we bet any other way? Isn't the Internet where you get your betting statistics from anyways?

Here are the main reasons why all bettors in Canada should immediately put down their pencils and betting slips and start an account with a reputable online bookmaker like Ladbrokes.

#1: Much Better Odds:
After looking at the corner store soccer odds from this past weekend and comparing them to online offerings, the reason for switching becomes immediately apparent.

For example, the draw in the La Liga match between Real Madrid and Valencia from Sunday paid 6.00 at the corner store while you could have had 7.15 online. In Serie A action, the corner store had Lecce at 3.60 to beat Roma but a quick click of the mouse would have allowed you to find 3.93. PSG to beat Marseille paid 1.60 at the store while online paid out 1.81. Liverpool at home to draw Aston Villa paid only 4.00 while you could have scored nearly another dollar more online with one offering going for 4.99.

So if you had put down $10 on those picks together here is what you would have won.

At the corner store: 6.00 x 3.60 x 1.60 x 4.00 x $10 wager = $1382.40
Online: 7.15 x 3.93 x 1.81 x 4.99 x $10 wager = $2537.91

The same wager with the same picks but a monstrous difference of over $1155! By wagering online you would have won close to double than what your local convenience store would have paid out.

#2: Bonuses: Imagine if you put down some cash at the convenience store and on your first wager they matched your bet dollar-for-dollar. A nice dream isn't it?

With online betting that is the reality. Because you're reading right now you can score a free $50 bet from Ladbrokes. Yes, you read that right. Ladbrokes will match your first deposit dollar-for-dollar up to $50, and if you don't want to wait until the weekend to spend your free fortune on MLS, you can bet on NHL playoffs this week, which ultimately leads us to the next major benefit of online betting.

#3: Way More Sports Offerings:
With Canada being such a multicultural nation, it really is boggling that the government-backed betting corporations haven't introduced sports such as cricket, tennis, UFC, or F1, among others. In Ontario, you still can't bet on NBA basketball. While we obviously focus on soccer here at Goal Betting, it doesn't mean you are limited to just one sport. One quick breeze on the Ladbrokes site will show you lots of options featuring everything from soccer to hockey, even darts and Aussie Rules football are offered. Not to mention NBA basketball. Why eat cereal or a muffin every day when you can feast on the whole buffet?

In the second part of the series, we will focus on the other many benefits of switching from in-store betting to online. In the meantime go collect your free $50 from Ladbrokes and explore all the massive options available to you.